Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orlando vacation 2011 Day One

Our Labor Day vacation to Orlando to visit Papa King was magical! We had such a great time with my Dad and his family, and it all went by just way too quickly, but I snapped a ton of pictures so I'm happy that I can put into pictures our time together!

We woke up on Saturday morning bright and early and headed to the airport. Kevin and I were both nervous about the flight, but this was not Jack's first time on a plane, as we went to Hawaii at 4 months and Montana at 1 year. So we knew a few tricks to keep him busy! 
Good thing we got there early because Jack was Mr. Independent and wanted to walk on his own!
He loved the moving walkways. 

Early morning for us all, but seeing the airplane up close was "wow cool" for Jackson!

One of our tricks is for Kevin to go on first on the pre board and set up the car seat and then text me when he was ready for us to come on down. I think the stewardess thought Jack and I were traveling as a duo and she was so incredibly helpful getting all my stuff down the jet way, she then asked if Jack wanted to check out the cockpit! I of course said yes for him and the pilots were nice and even let Jack touch a few buttons, eek! 
A+ for Continental Airlines!
We finally found our seats got settled and off we went.
This picture is funny, the people behind us don't seem as happy as us...but I assure you this little love was one angel on the plane!
He was happy as a clam due to the fact there was the following: 
1. TV right in front of him
2. Tons of new random cheap $1 store toys/puzzles to check out
3. Unlimited use of the MobiGo & iPad
4. Snacks galore

Our flight was direct from Houston to Orlando, and the first thing you see when you come into the Orlando airport is a giant Mickey! Jack was not interested in taking a picture.. Mom pleeeeeease get out of the way so I can see this giant Mickey Mouse!
We really tried to pack light but we still had a lot to carry. My Dad rented a large SUV so that we would have more room...but let's just say we were packed like the Griswold's! I'm so sad that I did not get a picture of it, but because we had luggage for 6 people, we had stuff tied to the roof!! Awesome!
Thank gosh the resort was only 15 minutes away!
The drive was short to the resort and I can't say enough wonderful things about SPG Vacation Villas!! Kevin's parents own in Hawaii and I used my persuasive skills to call the manager of the Orlando location and get us upgraded to the same level of ownership for free! If you are ever thinking about a vacation ownership, SPG is the way to go! Now that we have a child, staying in a hotel just isn't enough room. I love being able to feel like we are at home but with resort style amenities. It has always made for such easier travel and I'm all for that when you have a toddler along.
My Dad was so awesome, being that he lives an hour away from Orlando, he went grocery shopping for us. It was so nice to not have to bring a case of diapers or anything else than snacks for the plane. 
So the villa was fully stocked and ready to go!

Each balcony was screened in and had a great view of the pool, love!
This place is huge and has 4 or 5 different villages with 2 large pools. We had a double lock off, so we had two kitchens, two living rooms, 4 beds, and 2 baths. I'm pretty sure it was the same square footage of our house, which again was sooooo nice to just feel like we could kick up our feet and not be on top of each other. When we got tired we could go to our side and relax and same for my Dad and his family. 
When we wanted to eat, the food was there.
It was just perfect and we shall be back!

After lunch we suited up and headed to the pool, I wanted to check out the other pool too, but you will see why we never made it. Jack was in love with this pool and there was NO leaving it!

Ta-Da!! This is the reason...a toddler heaven, The Santa Maria! This pirate ship had cannons, slides, steering wheels & tunnels...Jack would not stop saying "Daddy turn, Mommy turn, Papa turn". Basically anyone that he could grab a hand with, it was your turn to take him down the slide. We loved every minute of it and I know my Dad looooved being able to take Jack as many times as he wanted. He wore us all out...but guess who didn't take a nap? Jack! He was so excited and was not interested in going to sleep.

Not only did Jack love having his Papa near, it was so nice to have family with us, as Kev and I were able to frequent the pool bar and relax a little more with the extra hands. :)

Daddy going down the big slide, which of course Jack really wanted to go down. 
Sorry love, not tall enough yet!
After hours of playing at the pool, I thought we were good to go inside, but someone spotted a playground, so we dried off and played some more! :)

We went back to home base and got ready for dinner.
 I told you baby boy was going strong while we were all wiped out! ha
My dad had cut up fresh veggies with beef tenderloin and chicken. So we worked to kabob them and went down to the grill to 'cue them!

  It was the perfect ending to an amazing first day of vacation. We had a yummy dinner and were all so thankful to be together! Big hugs were given and with that it was also nice to hit that pillow!
Day two was just as full and I will recap on tomorrows post!


Donna said...

What a fun day! I cant wait to read the rest of your vacay detail. That pool is so cool.
Same thing happened on my eldest's first trip to Disney---he did not nap at all and was running on fumes the rest of the night.

Jane said...

Looks like an amazing first day!!! Can't wait to see the rest! Love the Mickey shirts you had made. Jack is such a big boy on the plane, and you had such fun things to keep him occupied.

Deidra Brown said...

Ok I just wanted to say that I love following your blog. You little one is sooo cute. We are planning to take our 3 kids to Disney in March and I just wanted to know who made your shirt. I love it. Also the snack container that had the snack in it where did you get it? Need one for my one year old.

KJJ Houston said...

Hi Diedra your blog is private so I dont see your contact info :( But I got the shirts local to Houston made, with fabric I picked. If you email me (on my blog side bar to right) Ill be happy to pass her info to you. She would ship Im sure. The snack container I got at The Monogram Shop of Houston but the brand is called Innobaby packin smart. So you should be able to google. Cheers

Candice said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! The resort seems like such a great place for kiddos :)

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a beautiful play y'all stayed at!!!