Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our new friend, Maggie!!

 My best friend had her beautiful baby, Magdalina on Friday April 29th around 8pm. I arrived late in Austin Thur night, and we then waited patiently for this princess until 8 pm on Saturday. (Not to worry I was able to wake up up at 4 am to watch the royal wedding,work during the day, exercise and eat at Chuy's all before she was born...haha) I'm so proud of Trish for doing such an amazing job of keeping calm and getting that sweet little girl to this big world. 
Jack can not wait to meet this sweet little princess Maggie, after all they have been best friends in the making!

I might have put this sweet little something together the night before, but I think it looked darling on her hospital door!
 Grandma Carolina and I waiting for Maggie make her entrance
 Just one out of a few hundred outfits this little girl will be wearing..and no I'm not kidding, her closet is packed and she might have to change every minute for the first year to wear all this cuteness!
 She arrived!! 7 pounds 11 ounces of pure delight!

 The most beautiful picture of them all.......nothing can be more perfect! We love y'all!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hop on in to the pool

 That's just what we did this beautiful Easter morning. We headed over to Gma & Gpa Strehlow's house for a morning swim and an afternoon sandwich. The water was a little chilly but once you got used to it we had a good 30 minute swim session. Daddy isn't able to attend swim lessons so it was awesome to show him and Gran what a little fish we have on our hands. He loves to go under water and we did this about 10 times, each time with a big smile. After showing off our super awesome swim skills we went inside to play with all the toys and then had the perfect lunch to top off the afternoon. 

This weekend has been amazing ...I'm already looking forward to next Easter!! 


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Berliner Family Egg Hunt

 Oh yes, we had another Egg Hunt this afternoon! I told you Jack has a social calender that puts mine to shame! The boy is busy, and well I guess that makes us busy too :) The sweet Berliner family opened up their lovely home for the kids this afternoon with the Barnes & Noble story time reader dressed as the sweetest Easter Bunny you have ever seen. She told me that she made that costume 30 years ago when she had young boys and loved all of the Easter fun that we are experiencing now. After story time the hunt was on, and this was a real hunt! By now with so many egg hunts under our belts, Jack knew what he was looking for, so it was perfect that this time he actually had to search for the eggs! 

Isn't she darling? 
Mr. Berliner giving the rules of the hunt

 You can't fool me, I see those sneaky eggs!

 Yet again Jack found more sneaky eggs! We covered the hole once we took the goods, ha!

 Mom I've got eggs to find, please put me down!! ha
 I think I have gotten my money worth out of this little Easter outfit :)
  Spring has sprung and we are loving every minute of it...Jack is too with all this candy, oh my!


Early Easter Breakfast

 My Aunt M & Uncle G were in from North Carolina and my Uncle J from Dallas. After the egg hunt at HEB this morning, we came home and got cleaned up for a family breakfast! Jack was shy for all of 3 minutes..and was showing off/ laughing the entire time they were here. We had an easy breakfast with eggs, taters, bagels and was just perfect. I loved that we pulled down my great grandmothers everyday china/flatware and that we sipped out of my grandfathers etched glasses from London. It was a sentimental breakfast for us all using all of that, and especially one when my my Great Aunt is in her last days with us (living in Colorado). We cried, prayed and laughed .. and it really was a morning we all needed.

Love makes a family, and we have plenty of it!

 Yes I know Emily Post or my Junior League Tea Room Manager wouldn't approve of my setting layout, but  I'm ok with that :)

 My Aunt M and I