Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today we picked up a few new plants and pots for the backyard. We had so much fun playing in the dirt! We are so thankful for all the men and women serving in the armed forces protecting our beautiful country and allowing us to be with our family. Thank you soldiers past and present for all that you do.

Jackson has been hearing the word "no" a lot as he is into everything these days...

However I really try not to say no to things that are not dangerous, I think kids need to explore! If that means tasting the dirt then so be it. I think he learned pretty fast that dirt doesn't go in the mouth :) Talking about how we use dirt for plants!

After we tasted the dirt we found something really neat.... a lady bug was crawling all over my dress!!! Good Luck for us!

Here is the finished product! I love these plant containers and all the plants we picked out!

The purple fuzzy flowers are still going strong from our anniversary basket of flowers and I just added a few more to join it!

We are ordering bull rock to make new beds where the grass just won't grow on the sides of the fence.
What a fun day! Boys are sleeping and I'm about to take a nap myself!


Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have no idea if this is normal or if we are just overzealous toy buyers... but I'm pretty sure we could be a warehouse for Toys-r-us because Jack has so many! We try to take out only a few at a time, but today he wanted them all down. We have on order some bookcases so that we can store them a little better. But until then our den shall look like this...and I'm finally ok with it! Baby boy loves his toys and so do we :)


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another round please...

It has always been relaxing to go over to Kevin's parents house but it so much fun when you have a little one to share it with! Jack had a WONDERFUL time today! I know there will be a time that comes where Jack doesn't want his picture taken so until then I'm snap snap snapping these memories!

The boys (Jack, Kevin, Chico & Buckley) are all zonked out from today! Here is what made them so tired... we had TOO much fun!

Jack is ready to get into the water! He loves the water so much!Jack & Buckley enjoying a little swim!

Buckley was really good, he usually barks at the golfers he decided just to watch.
Sweet boys!

What a wonderful life!
Of course we had to find Mr. Leaf and play.

All done with swimming and ready to take a drive around the course!

He will have many of these in his future! Daddys little golfing bud!
11 months old isn't too young to start it? Nah!!
Keepin' score

Elsa has been the family's housekeeper all Kevin's life so its really sweet to see her with Jack.
But this picture tops them all!! Grandpa with Jack! Melts my heart!!
It sure was a wonderful day! Sorry we missed Grandma but I'm sure Alaska is showing her a wonderful time!

Memorial Day Weekend

Although we awoke to a 6 am wake up call, we got up played around the house, went to Einstein Bagels for a bite to eat and then stopped over at a neighborhood yard sale. Check out this adorable car we got for $12!! What a great deal! Jack cant sit and push the petals yet, but he was standing in it and pushing it around. He of course LOVES the wheel!

We are off to go swimming at Grandma/Grandpa Strehlows! Though we will miss Grandma because she is off on another wonderful travel trip to Alaska!
Once Jack is a little older I know Grandma will have a traveling buddy! This boy loves to be on the go like her!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Boys can too

Dress cute that is...!! I always thought about how fun a girl would be dressing her up (and I'm certain it is) but having a boy is so much fun! It takes a little more work to find cute boy outfits but if you have a good eye you can make it work. It also helps that Nelvi insists on ironing all of his clothes, which is great to be able to pick something out that is just ready to go! When I dressed him yesterday morning I couldn't believe my eyes... He is SO BIG! He looks like a little boy, so not a baby :( He has grown so fast, where did the time go? He would not sit still so here are my best pictures of this cutie patotie.

Look how tall he is, already can reach for items on the window seal!
Belted seersucker pants + polo + precious little boy = perfection!

He is always trying to figure out how things work or what they are made of... So inquisitive!

ha ha ha this is 110% a Kevin look!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!