Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are family

Kevin and I are really so lucky to have such amazing families...and even better that we all get together and love it so much! Today we had a birthday celebration with family at Kevin's parents house to celebrate baby Jack 1st birthday.

We arrived to the party in a shirt that was special delivered by our dear friends Mama Susan and JaneE. How cute is this birthday boy?!Lets get this party started y'all!
No he was not picking his nose... ummm he was telling you that he is 1 year old!! haWe had the best time with the fam! Including our newest addition Sophie! Aunt Stacy was holding this sweet bundle of cuteness!The hostess in the middle, Grandma Strehlow with Uncle Joe and Uncle GokulMimi and Nanie had a great time too!!Our favorite babysitter (ok our only one) cousin Sadina. Sooooo sweet!
Daddy with Jacks Godfather!After we ate, we took for the outdoors!
Come on guys I have to wear this hat???

Pool time!
Jacks Godmother JessicaAfter a while in the pool we dried off and headed inside for some cake and presents!
Nothing beats a homemade chocolate cake.... yummm!
I think he liked it!
Check out these gifts! His own recliner!
An outdoor water table! What fun this will be!
vroom vroom, check out this bike!
The boys really loved this one!
Oh yes I love them all!! Thank you!!We went back outside to play for a little longer...
and to take a few sweet family pictures.......but at 8: 30 its wayyy past someones bed time... so this party is over :(
But thats ok because today was AWESOME! Thank you so much to our wonderful family and Jackson's God parents for making today SO incredibly special!! Sleep tight and sweet dreams for such a sweet bunch of folks :)


Watch out for the Camel!!

Yes that's right, there was a camel on our street this morning!!! You ask why? Another birthday party on our street... Arabian Princess party for Sarah Grace.... no I'm not kidding! So you know us we had to go down and see, this time we went with our next door neighbors to party crash so our boys could check out the camel.

That's it Ive decided we are getting a Whale for Jacks birthday party in a few weeks. If you have any leads let me know:) ha!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson Lane

Today Jack is ONE YEAR OLD!! There are many celebrations planned ahead...we have a family party this weekend and another party for friends on July 10th. We are so excited we can hardly wait!

Can you believe he is 1? He does so much! He is walking (running more like it!) and he is such a copy cat! He knows what sound the monkey makes and copies it. He knows how to go up and down with his knees when we tell him to. He knows how to raise his hands and cheer while we yell "Gooooal" (world cup). He knows how to put his hand on his mouth and make noise so that it turns the sound of his voice different. He knows how to do chugga chugga choo choo with his arm. He knows how to clap. Omg there is so much this kid knows!

I love when he lights up - he is so excited to walk these days!

I let him watch a little TV for his birthday, Dinosaur Train!

Then we went outside which is favorite thing, he will take your finger and walk you to the front door so that he can go out. Of course he found rocks and wanted to eat them...yucky!
But I had something better to taste... I waited in that long line at Sprinkles so that he could have a cupcake for his special day today :)

I let him have a little frosting, but I ate the top I must admit... ha!
There was plenty left to make a mess with!
Did I do that?
That's ok baby boy, Chico will help you clean up!
What a FUN age!!! He is into everything! But we love it, he is so precious and makes us smile EVERY minute! This year has been amazing. Kevin and I enjoy being parents so much and though its a lot of work, its the best work we have ever done. Jackson you are an amazing son, we love you so much. As Grandma said you have accomplished so much and we are SO proud of you! We can't wait to see all that you do in the future. We will be here right by your side to cheer you on, as we are your BIGGEST fans!
Love Mom & Dad


Good Morning Birthday Boy

Lets just say that the producers are knocking down our door trying to get me to sign a record deal for my hit single Happy Birthday... I told them sorry Im busy celebrating my babys 1st year!

Happy Birthday Jack! I will post some yummy pictures later on! For now enjoy this sweet birthday boy!


Monday, June 21, 2010

I dont wannnnna walk

Just a few minutes before this video he was all about walking... but then I took out the camera and he was I think saying mom I dont wannnnnnna! I'm certain he was doing it to get the MumMum. He walked all over the house today, he gets more and more brave. I think by the big birthday this Friday he should be full speed!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Today was all about Daddy! Jack and I woke up and made a sweet sign to let Dad know how much we love him...
Jack was in the back admiring all his toys ... we got new bookcases to house it all and he had not seen them until this morning.
Oh yes I love my Daddy!
We let Kev sleep in...yep he is in there somewhere :)
We then made breakfast for Daddy...toast, eggs, fresh berries...yumm!
And guess what.... I even made lunch! I just made sandwiches...but hey Dad was smiling!
Then we got in the car and went over to MiMi's & Nanies house. They surprised Kevin with a cake for Fathers Day! Soooooo sweet!
Jack was off busy pestering the cat.....

... while we all enjoyed a slice of cake!After cake we met up for dinner with Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe
Oh and since it was all about Kevin I let him listen to the US Open on the radio...
...and we got home just in time to see the "tail end" :)
We are FULL and TIRED, but it sure was a WONDERFUL day! We love you Daddy!