Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We had friends over for a fun little play date. Our friends Katie and Greg just moved back to Houston and we have been so happy to reconnect again in the same town! So excited to see Allison and Emily as well!!! They came over right before lunch and we let the kids run around outside in our fort before we made them sit down to eat. 
After lunch they played some more and then we headed over to the park/bayou behind our house. 

Cooper, Emily, Ryder and Jack 
 We got home and did a little iPad before they had to leave. So fun chatting with Allison and Katie while the kids entertained themselves!! What a perfect day off from school!

Friday, January 17, 2014

50's Greaser

 Jacks school has a Gala each year and one of the auction items is the coveted themed class photo. Our grade got the theme of 50's Greaser and I must say it suits our little guy oh so well. I mean look at this face, I can't even stand the cuteness!! We are certainly in for it with this precious face!!
When I dropped off Jack this morning seeing all the PK-4 boys dressed as greasers was about the funniest thing I have seen, they were all TOO cool for school!! 
Love these school days and all the fun we are having


hunk a' burning love


Candy Trains and The Train Show

 We forgot all about this Christmas train gingerbread set, so we pulled it out the other night (along with our Easter table cloth, just to get you nice and confused) and set up to make candy trains! Jack loved "messing up" so that he could "erase" which meant eat the frosting...ha
 I think they turned out so cute!

 This past weekend I gave Kevin a little break and I took Jack to the train show! We have been before but this one was really fun, it had more things for the kids to do and Jack was obsessed for the next two hours with trains, trains, trains!

 This was so awesome. They had a hole the kids could crawl into and pop up in the train track to watch the trains speed by!

 Another cool exhibit was Jack got to race this bike "super fast" and make the train go around the track, he figured it out pretty fast and was REALLY proud of himself!

 We ran into our friend Klein and pal'd around with him for a while

 All those trains wore a little guy out!!
 ....and sparked his interested in his own trains again :)