Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Tonight was oh so fun. We went back to our old street since we don't really have a street to call out own yet. Truth be told I love our friends on Ingersoll so much I think I'd be sad without them on Halloween. Debbie hosted a Halloween social before the treating and was the perfect hostess. With chickfila, cookies, a craft table and booze it doesn't get much better than that! We certainly got lots of treats. The kids had so much fun running around from door to door. We got back to the house and gave the boys a bath and there is only one time a year where you get a candy snack before bed. Such fun and our goblin is sound asleep. Thanks everyone for coming and having a wonderful night with friends and family!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween school carnival

Friday night we went to Jacks school fall carnival. It was finally really cold outside and it was such a fun event. They had rows of cars lined up and people from school individually decorated their own car and passed out candy. It was so neat to see all the cars decorated and it was such a cool way to safely trick or treat. Jack would go up and softly say "trick or treat" and go eagerly to the next car. With our bag full we then checked out the bounce houses. There were about 10 different bounce houses which was great. What was even better was that they had several people from the school as guards to the bounce houses. Jack can easily get overwhelmed if there are too many kids and frankly it gets us nervous with kids all over the place. So it was really nice that they only put 6 kids in at a time and tried to group them all by size.
That was a nice relief!
Jack really enjoyed himself and would have stayed longer but it started to rain and so we ducked out of there after an hour or so of jumping, which put him soundly in bed now :)

Isn't his costume so cute? I will get a better picture of it on Halloween, but my Mom and Nanie ordered it from a catalog and its the cutest little costume! He is the cowboy riding the horse :)
He got several complements all night, thanks Mom and Mimi!

Go Texans car theme
We ran into our friends The T family
and I think this was our favorite car to give out candy, how creative!
Silly Daddy!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Friends

Sometimes during parenthood there are days where you dont have all the answers and some days can be down right tough. While I don't have pictures of all my friends in here I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful support system in Houston. Without my girlfriends I would be lost. Not only do they love me they love my little guy too. Thank you ladies for always being there to talk to, shop with when I need some time out (no those are not all my bags!) and read my boy a book when he thinks you are a better book reader than Mommy :)

Halloween treats

 My Dad and Edith sent Jackson a big Halloween care package in the mail! Getting mail is soooo exciting and when it's a big box we are always ready to open it and see all the fun inside! There were books and a really fun set of stick ins for decorating our pumpkin. Of course there was candy :) He wanted a trick or treat snack as he called it. He loved the musical card and kept opening and closing it so he could hear the song. Thanks for always sending such fun in a box. We always love digging to see what's inside. Love yall!!

The masks were soooo funny we both could stop laughing. I would take a picture and show jack and he would laugh. So cute.

So when I came home everyone was in bed and I saw these on the coffee table. They had decorated the pumpkins and Jack decided to put a mask on one of our pumpkins.

KBR Buffalo Bayou Kids Fest

Last year we went here and had a great time exploring. This year it was in a different spot but there were some great hands on exhibits that we took part in. Jack had just woken up so it took him a while to warm up but once he did we had a good family day together.

Daddy and Jack picked out a bird they wanted to paint and started with a blank paper and made this...
such a great job!
creating our own art car :)  This is a free event and I highly recommend checking it out each year!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 After our fun morning with Chasity and Georgia, Jack went down for a nap and then around 4 pm we went over to a local church for their pumpkin patch. We picked the perfect time to go because there were not too many people there. We had the run of the patch and we snapped a few precious pictures of Jackson in the pumpkins. Bonus that they had a free jumpy castle for him wear himself before bed!

 (and yes we changed shirts because we have a few more fall festivals before the new pumpkin shirt can officially get dirty, ha!)