Saturday, June 30, 2012

What have you done?

What have you done this Saturday morning? I can tell you what we have done....

played with magnets. One good thing about an out dated fridge in the rental means magnet fun on the FRONT!
 making messes with playdough, thank you to Ben, Nita and Lucio! Thank you guys!

Watermelon and chips...with an ocean view..thats how we do it!
marble towers, tents and race trucks...boy oh boy

In between playing witht he cars we have had a few underwear changes. We are trying to test out potty training and for every sticker we have on the chart we have an accident to go with it. But we are making progress and thats a good thing!

And since Jack has a chart Mommy and Daddy needed one too...a gym chart!
Starting Monday of course...ha

Love how he shakes his booty in this video.... I did not teach him that... my son has some dancing skills of his own. so proud to call him

Jack is down for a nap now and when we wake up another birthday party to attend and then a pool party baby shower for my sister in law this evening! No rain please!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Papa comes to visit

 You know when you find your eyelash and you make a wish or when you flip a coin into a pond... I often wish for all of my family to be in one city! I miss my Dad and I love that he adores being a grandfather. He came in for Jackson's birthday and the first thing Jack did when he saw him was reach out for him and wanted to go straight to Papa. I'm pretty certain that sealed the deal with my Dad that someday soon he needs to find a way to get back to Texas :)
We had a wonderful (too fast) visit and we are already talking about going to Florida again soon. Jackson loves Papa and Edith so much and I know he would have a blast with them for a few days while Kevin and I vacationed on our own in Florida or somewhere near by.

These two were stuck like glue the entire weekend, Jack would wake up asking "where is Papa" :)

there were morning games of bean bag toss

and lots of high fives!
Jack went to his first theater movie and did an AWESOME job! I didn't get to go because I was working but he sat through the entire viewing of Madagascar 3 and of course enjoyed lots of popcorn! Thank you Edith for taking all these pictures :) 

There was lots of fun and rough housing to be had!

We even got to take Papa through our new neighborhood and took some notes that he had for us on our new house after walking a few of the ones in construction now.
We cleaned up nicely and took Papa and Edith to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Real. 

 Jack got some new headphones for his birthday and was such an angel boy during dinner! Score :)
and just for that we celebrate his birthday with the most amazing tres leches you have ever had (really!)

with music when you leave - there was dancing in the parking lot!

Without a doubt we had to show off our splash pad!

 I think Papa wished he had his bathing suit to join in!
 such ham-bones!

It is not a trip to Texas without letting my Dad indulge in purchasing of meat and bread goods from Central Market to take home

After a wonderful time together, Sunday morning came too fast. We opened their gifts and we gave lots of hugs and kisses. 

Thank you for making Jack's birthday complete with all his grandparents to sing and love on our THREE year old little boy!
We love yall!