Sunday, January 30, 2011

Run Houston Run

This morning was the Houston Marathon, we are lucky to live in the city and the route goes right by our house. (Lucky I guess if you don't need to go anywhere in the morning)

Our wonderful neighbors invited us over for a play date and then we decided to brave the rain and check out  the marathon.
Oh yes it was early :) 

 Wes and Jack clapped and we named out runners encouraging them to keep going. The race route by our house is around mile 11, so it was nice to cheer them on! Brave souls they are!

The boys of course lasted just a little while before they spotted other fun things like cones and puddles...

Yep they were a mess, but sometimes you have to just let boys be boys! They were having so much fun splashing and playing in the water puddles....toots!

This picture makes me laugh because it looks as if Jack was running in the race...maybe he will be a runner, he sure loves to RUN not walk :)

After the race watching we headed back home and all went to lunch at Escalantes in Highland Village, one of our favorites! Then after lunch Mommy & Jack went to Half Price Books in the Village and scored a TON of new books! WOWZERS! We went a little crazy but I don't think you can ever "spoil" a kid with too many books :)
 Ok ok ok and we MIGHT have gone clothes shopping too :) I don't think I have ever been to a Gymboree store, it was across from the book store so we decided to pop in. They actually had some really cute stuff and this little nautical line was so adorable! I purchased two outfits and I scored reward bucks to return :) It was really reasonable and works as great play wear for Jack! Oh and the words on the shirts couldn't be more true! Lately Jack has been ruling this roost, time to check this little mate!

 Daddy didn't join us today because he has acute bronchitis, boo! He is starting to feel better and we are very much looking forward to Daddy feeling like himself again!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Real Kisses

Jack has started giving real kisses on the lips! Its the cutest thing ever and maybe its why we are all sick, but we love them and its all worth it! We won't get them for long, before we know it he will be saying "mom stop it" so we have to enjoy them while we can! These are not the best pictures of the sweet kisses, but here he is what we got :)



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Color me happy

We got Jack some bath crayons and he has been having a field day with them! He wanted to take them out of the bath but I explained to him that they are for the bath only...
I might regret this purchase when I find the walls in the house with little art projects, but for now this color in the bathroom makes me smile!
Daddy has been sick (Mommy was sick last week) and Jack is borderline sick (you always have so much energy even when you are sick). So we haven't been up to taking pictures much, but these were worth the add.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chatter Chatter Jack

 We are not sure what he is saying, but he is for sure saying something....he has been talking like this for a while, mixing real words with non english baby talk. We sure think its cute :)


Cookie Monster

Someone got hold of cookies...and looks like he enjoyed them :)
Oh and we got a new blog design from Shannon and we just love it!!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Weekend!

This weekend in Austin was one that made my heart smile so much! Here is our weekend in pictures and recaps!

We arrived in Austin on Sat night to stay with Trish (6 months preg). As soon as we arrived we ran a few errands (with Jack in tow) and then ran home to get ready to meet a few girls from high school, one of which was in town from Tampa, Fl. My dear friend Kacee (far left) lost her best friend/husband recently and it felt so good to hug her, tell her I love her and touch her sweet belly (19 weeks preg). Though her husband was not with us in person, I know he was listening to all our stories at dinner and smiling down. It was a night that we all needed, and I can't wait to get all of our kids together so very soon!
 Trish, Jess W & April

We woke up the next morning and had a pajama breakfast party with the Besher & Winters families. Jack's godparents now live in Austin, so while we are sad they no longer in Houston, it was awesome to be able to have them come over with the twins while we were in town! Trish was a wonderful hostess and we all had such fun just lounging around and eating a delicious breakfast! We only took a few pictures because the twins + Jack kept us all running around!

 Then we finally got ready and I must say Jack looked so stinking cute! We got asked several times about his jacket and his sweater...what can I say I have one stylish little boy (who won't smile for pictures..stinker)!
Here is a half smile ...we will take it!

Then it was off to Ella's first birthday! A Winder Wonderland took over the ranch and it was so beautiful! Of course if you know the WO family, no details are ever left unnoticed. I have been to so many events at the ranch (of course including our wedding) and they always seem to transform it into a new world every time I come! It was great to catch up with Mandi and see how much sweet Ella bella has grown! Our babies are growing up too fast :(
 Once we arrived I tried to take a pic with our babies but Jack spotted the toy bin and was trying to make a bee line for them, because even if we have the same thing...they are so much better when they are someone elses toys, right?! ha!
 We walked over from the house and into a Winter Wonderland :)


 Birthday girl!
 Lucas & Jack

 Jack playing with stickers at the kid craft table
 We couldn't get Ella to join us, she was wayyy to busy trying to pull the glitter trees down :) ha
 Cupcake bar, yummy!
 The real bar, double yummy


 All this fun had one precious rosy cheeked baby all tuckered out! He slept the ENTIRE way to Houston, what a beautiful memory this weekend has left us. We are so blessed for all these friendships!I wish we could pull Austin just a tad closer!