Monday, December 30, 2013

Ice skating

The return of L&W client ice skating was back and it's an event we all look forward too! Jack did really well this year and really tried hard out on the rink.
It was the perfect temp outside and we loved the cookie decorating element they added this year. Such fun!

Birthday fun

As if December isn't fun enough with all the fun festivities we have some of our very best buddies birthdays to celebrate!

Wes turns 5! Lego Birthday at Discover Gymnastics

Luke turns 5! Zoo Birthday

Blake turns 4! Speedys race track and family dinner time after


I have decided that this year I'm going to bring my big bulky camera out again, while I love the convenience of the iPhone, it doesn't take the best pictures and I get lazy with blog posts. So hoping to catching up soon!

Our school book fair was held at Barnes and Nobles. The boys ran wild and had a ton of fun! Jack with his buddy Ruslan.
Jack and his teacher who we adore!
The Borski kids and Jack on our way to see Frozen.
He loves these pjs and wants to wear them every night. I'm so over the ninja turtles at this point...but we keep going :)
Our elf was all over the house this month....Jack really had a fit about Everett drinking his milk, oops!
 However he redeemed himself by 007 James Bonding his way in the atrium of our house. 
My moms good friend saves everything including all these happy meal toys from the 80's. Jack was so excited and so were we to go through this giant bag of toys!

He wouldn't take these elf shoes off this month, I could hear those jingle bells all over the house :)

Kevin and I are missing this view, Grand Cayman was really good to us a few weeks back.
But coming home to this was even better :)
Brag away we will.... he knows how to not only put this puzzle together by himself... if we make him close his eyes and we remove a state he can tell us which one is missing. I cant even do that....he is pretty amazing!
While I wish we backed up to this, we are just a street over from it and I love coming down here. Isn't it beautiful?
I love little boys pajamas...look at all those toys we got for Christmas! We have no room!
What a surprise to walk into Berings and see Christmas ornaments at 50% off right now. Cant wait to put these guys on our tree next year!
Speaking of surprises, my boys really got me good this year. I had no clue a LV bag was coming my way, just as we were done unwrapping they said they had one last thing. Swoon!

Mimi and Jack playing catch in the house, we love our visits with her!

We are so happy in our house and these ladies make it wonderful! Love all the sweet kiddos and Moms in our hood.
I end with a typical boy .... Asher and Jack were playing with sticks and remember how your Mom always says "Don't play with that stick, you might poke your eye out" ....well thats true! Thankfully it wasnt serious, but he did get a corneal abrasion which healed pretty fast. So lessons for all, no playing with sticks!