Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For the past two nights Daddy has had to work late, so I gladly took on bath duty and decided we were going to try something a little different. Instead of being all cooped up in the blue baby tub, I thought I would try to put him in the real tub...success! Even the toys that have the ability to wind up and swim can roam around too! He loves it, new found freedom!Boy do they grow up so fast!

He never wants to stay still anymore! There are so many things to see!
These pjs snap from behind, when I first got them I thought....well they are cute but I bet that will be a pain! Nope, pure genius! It's as if they were made just for our wiggle worm! He can stay on his tummy while I finish putting on his jammies!Goodnight Y'all


This morning before Nelvi got here and I had to log on to work I decided to take Jack out for some fresh morning air. Remember this spot? It's where Kevin and I took our maternity photos! Pretty neat to come back to the same spot with the little guy that was in my tummy :) Of course Sarah has much better photography skills than I, but our subject makes ours pretty darn cute too! Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creative Walking

Holding on

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoppity Hop Hop Hop

The Easter Bunny keeps delivering!! Today we checked the mail and received a HUGE package from Grandpa King. We of course couldn't wait to get it open and see what was in store for Jack! It was a giant box of Easter goodies, such a delight!!

Opening it up and checking it out.... is this all for me?!?!!

Starting to reach into the basket... finding all the neat toys inside!

Don't touch its all mine!
What an adorable Easter BOY sign!! Check out that hat on the bunny! So funny!

We finally got to the card! Such a big boy reading his card :)

Tasting it all to make sure its good!

There were clothes, bunnies, bath toys, Easter eggs and so much more! He was pretty busy for a while testing out all his new toys!

While he played I went and hung up his banner! Looks adorable on his door!

He got his first Levis!! Check out all these other cute outfits!
Wow what a treat! We are so blessed to have such amazing parents! Easter was such a wonderful holiday when I was growing up and I'm so thankful that Jack gets to experience the same. Thanks Grandpa King and Edith for proving such a lavish Easter!
We love you!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We did a surprise visit to Grandma & Grandpa Strehlow today! We were out in the area and decided to come say hi on such a beautiful day!

We had to feed Jack before we went outside to play, so why not take a pictures?! ha ha After eating we went outside to get feel that wonderful sunshine! Jack of course found a leaf...
....and tried to eat it!
Come here Mr. Grass....

ah ha! I got you!
Thanks for having us over Grandma & Grandpa...Sunday couldn't have been better :)

Block Party

Today we had an early Easter block party on our street! Debbie our neighbor put it together and it was so fun!! There was an egg hunt, lots of treats and even a jump castle!
Jack was ok with the bunny ears for a little while :)
...but he was really interested in his football Easter eggs!
Ruby was worried Jack was stealing her eggs! ha ha
The Afton Oaks baby crew
Happy baby boy!

Neighbor Susan with Ruby who just turned two!
Our crazy neighbor Charlie hangin' with Jack
Neighbor Debbie with our friend Wes
Debbie had a bubble machine, how cool!?!?
Jack wasn't a big fan of the jump castle but all the kids were really gentle while Jack was in there. Maybe we will try again in a few months :)
Thanks to the Kozar family for putting together a fun afternoon!

Friday, March 26, 2010


On his 9 month birthday, our baby boy was sadly going through one of the hardest weeks of his life, suffering through a bad fever that eventually caused an ear infection. Having to see the Pediatrician twice in one week. Poor baby!
Mommy was in California for his actual 9 month birthday, and Daddy didn't feel like getting him dressed up while he was feeling down, so we had to wait until 9 months + 1day to take his 9 month pics. As you can see, baby boy still wasn't 100% for the photo shoot but he still got those smiles out! Get well soon Jackson!

Staying still isn't an option anymore! This boy is on the move!
His favorite thing to do is taking strolls!
One of our neighbors has wonderful bluebonnets!

Jack of course is a boy and could care less about flowers! Rocks please!!

At 9 months he is:

  • Almost fully mobile. Army crawling like a champ, starting to get up on his knees.
  • Starting to pull up, but can only get to his knees. Can get to his feet with a little help, but can't stay there without someone to hold him
  • Daddy taught him how to splash water with his hands in the bath, which quickly transformed into a full-fled kick fest once Mommy got involved. Now when we give him a bath the tub is generally only half full by the time we finish.
  • Eating all sorts of steamed veggies in addition to his formula, baby food and baby yogurt. Still loves the mum-mums best of all.
  • Rides in his big-boy Britax car seat in daddy's car. So luxurious
  • Had his first friend sleepover with JaneE, Les & Hutch in Cedar Park (Austin) while Mommy and Daddy were at a wedding. Was scared of Hutch at first when Hutch tried to eat him, but they were good buds by the morning
  • Still puts everything in his mouth, including the dog's rawhides whenever he can find them - yuck!
  • Up to 22 pounds - we still have ourselves a tall big boy
  • Says mama & baba
He is growing so fast, we can't believe three more months until this squirt turns one! wow!