Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FALL on over...

to our house. This evening I pulled out the Fall decorations and took to it. This weekend marks the start of UT football, and that to me means FALL! We are so excited for this Saturday, Jack has a special friend (Ella) coming from Austin and we can not wait! We pick them up at the airport on Saturday and shall have a blast. Houston is also hosting the first UT game, how perfect! Go Horns!
Repeat from last year but I just love this garland :)

oh a new addition...jeweled pumpkins! divine!!
And how perfect is this beauty of a lamp that I picked up on my recent shopping fun with Lawren!?!
Oh more pumpkins

Jack loves these pillows and mommy does too!!
Jack even has a fall colored dog!
Oh the flag is out!
We are ready for fall and football!!
Bring it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day at Jack's office

Get dressed and make sure you look really cute....
Get in your car, turn on the tunes and then realize traffic is no fun...
Arrive at work and start number crunching ...
Check the emails...and tell your Secretary she is doing a bad job at keeping the office clean

sign off after a hard day work...
because its 5 o'clock and I'm headed to happy hour at the Organic 2% Milk Bar! Get your moooo on!
 Mommy told him he had to get a job after we purchased him the cutest outfit for game day on Saturday (check back to see it!). So guess he took it to heart and worked hard today :) Good job baby boy!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out of town

This weekend I went to Cedar Park, Tx  to see my friend Lawren and had what I like to call a WWW =Wonderful Waterford Weekend....meaning my weekend was faaaaabulous! We drank champagne, had the best food, shopped till we dropped and laughed until our bellies hurt! SO MUCH FUN! We were having so much fun that I forgot to even take out my camera, and you know me I always have a camera in my hand! Its always wonderful to have dear friends where you can pick up right where you left off! Here us at my wedding.

While I was out Kev was playing Mr. Mom and every time I called to check on him he said we are having a blast together. Which made me so happy and allowed me to relax and have fun while I was out of town. Grandma Strehlow loves our blog so much and she took pictures while I was gone and sent me the sweetest email that I just had to share on our blog!


We missed you at the Williams Tower park and our Southwells dinner today.Spending the day with Jackson was so much fun!
Jack surprised us tonight when he showed us how to properly eat a grilled cheese sandwich! He dipped each and every individual piece nicely into the ketchup first, and then popped the dipped piece into his mouth. He completely knew how to do it. This was totally his own idea. No one specifically showed him this today. I guess he's seen you guys or some kids at school dipping chicken strips or fries. And he seems to love ketchup.

Jack should sleep well tonight. He must have walked a mile today in that park and around the house. Hope you are having fun too!
Love, Mom


Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Stinker

Last night was a rough night........we haven't had one of those nights since he was a little baby. Jack has gotten accustomed to his teacher patting his back during nap time at school, so now he wont put himself to sleep anymore! I'm actually ok with this, its nice to spend a little bonding time together as he goes to sleep. But.....what I'm not fond of, is the crying and waking up at 12 am, 3am, 5am and then finally waking up to the point he wasn't going back to sleep at 6: 30 am. We are not sure what happened last night but all I know is that a little guy was NOT interested in sleeping! It quickly made me realize how I'm not ready for another just yet. Needless to say we are all tired this morning.

Oh and this morning he BIT me too!!

Yup I'm pretty sure Mommy picked out the BEST costume for our little guy, as he has been a stinker lately. But we love you Jack and we realize sometimes you are going to be little stinker and that's ok. But NO biting :)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I do it myself PART II

We were feeding Jackson applesauce and he was acting a little odd. I couldn't figure it out but then he pointed to the spoon. About two weeks ago I gave him the spoon and he took his grilled cheese bite and put it on the spoon but he didn't know how to connect it to his mouth. Behold the power of school! He was acting strange because he wanted to feed himself! WOW!! So I gave him the spoon and this is what happened! SO GLAD I had the camera right there!!

Easy Peasy Mom!! Geez!!!

Jackson we LOVE watching you do new things, Mommy and Daddy get SO EXCITED!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Reporting back...

Jack had a great first day. His report was perfect! I was shocked that he slept and that he ate his lunch!
Oh and for those that were asking, he came back spotless (minus a few dribbles from his milk when I took the picture). Im not sure how since they did play outside, but today wasn't spaghetti day either... so maybe we just got the 1st day luck :) And yes Nelvi is still with us, she just cleans when he is at school.

A+++ Jackson :)


Oh baby....

Mommy was a mess this morning, of course I didn't let Jack see that - but when I left the school I was a crying sobbing mess! It was comforting to see a few other toddler moms doing the same. Those kinder moms looked at us like we were crazy... whatever :) 
I sure hope he is doing ok, he was really sad when I left him.... oh baby boy!!

I miss him like crazy already!! Even though I work from home and close my door for most of the day, I guess I didn't realize how much I love hearing him babble, its so quiet in the house :(
But I know he is a strong little boy and is doing just fine without me, as they say this is always harder on the parents than the kiddos.

We started out the morning right, with some eggs, ham & peach
We practiced raising our hand.....
...and sharing!
After breakfast we got dressed and put on our backpack...except it was so full it pulled him down! oops
Mom come on lets go!

I think he knew something was up...so serious!
Once we got there he headed straight for the blocks...
...and was busy entertaining himself.
It was time to leave and Mrs. Hong was trying to ask Jack to come to her. He kept waiving bye bye to her and stood firm at the door.
So I knew this morning would be hard but I know they will get easier and he will run to class soon enough! We love you sweet boy and hope you are having fun, we will see you in just a few short hours!