Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Jackson loves books. He can read and makes us read at minimum 5 books at night. As his books have gotten longer his night time routine has increased in length...there are certainly nights when we are tired and we might suggest the easy letter books but most nights we indulge his love for books and read read read!
So after reading the same books over and over we decided we were way past due for a trip to the library.
We picked up a ton of cute Easter books along with some race car books and easy readers. He loves to come here for the computer of course...and we are often not so quiet leaving with a few tears...but I love that this little guy loves a good read. Maybe he can teach me a thing or two :)

Blue bonnets are popping up

We stopped by our favorite old neighborhood to the house we have gone to every year for blue bonnets. Maybe one year we will actually make it out to the big fields again. Until then this little patch does the trick!
And you can see it gets harder each year to get one picture :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013

 My friend Elizabeth asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to take Jack down to Galveston with her kids. Just a Moms only week with sun, sand and kids. It sounded like the perfect get away for Spring Break. We wanted to stay at Kevins parents timeshare but we were too late in the game to book it for that week. So we searched VRBO and found a beautiful 3 bedroom condo down at the very far west end, Pointe West. It was quite a bit down from 61st street, but once you got down there, I felt the water wasn't such a yucky brown, it actually most days looked dark blue if you can believe that! We were on the bay side with quick access to the beach just across the road to the Beach Club. There were two pools and our condo overlooked the lazy river/pool combo which was perfect for the kids. Given that its still early in the season the temperature was breezy (but no rain!) with sun. So our time at the beach was limited to one day, but we spent the rest of the time soaking up the sun at the pool or down on the strand. The kids had their moments, and I think Elizabeth and I both had "had it" several times with our kiddos, but overall we all hung in there and had a wonderful time! I certainly look forward to more spring break memories with Jack and friends! 
Hope you had just as much fun on your break!
 Car packed and ready to go! We had lots of questions from the kids on "are we there yet" ...When we arrived and the kids went straight to jumping on beds :)
 This was our view each morning, and I know I am already missing it! Its so peaceful there with the sounds of the water and birds chirping and kids sleeping until 9 am almost all days, it was heavenly!

 Hitting the beach was a priority! Though the wind was strong and kept us from coming back that week, we are looking forward to it warming up a bit for the summer and returning more! Jack was not a fan of his hands getting dirty, I think all kids have to get re accustomed to water and sand routines each summer. Hopefully our return back to the beach will be a little longer next time! 
However we still got some great pictures :)

 The water was FREEZING too which didn't help when Jack wanted to go in and started crying when I didn't want to join him..ha

 Annie was brave though and joined jack for some beach side runs

 There were old cars and kites to put together

 ...and shells to find

 No trip to Galveston is complete unless you hit up Murdochs! The frozen drinks for Moms and the toys galore for kids makes it my favorite place to stop by.

 We each took home one of these beautiful coral pieces. I would have loved to stick those lamps in my purse too, but at $600 a piece they be keeping those for a while (I'm pretty sure they have been collecting dust for several years, sale please? ha)

 Always fun to check out the colorful hermit crabs!

 Walking over to eat candy, ice cream and other confectionery delights is another must have for us at La Kings on the strand.


In case you are wondering how the slept after all that sugar...here is your answer...ha!

We took Jack to put put a few weeks ago and he really liked it, so Elizabeth and I decided to take the kiddos over to the Galveston put put and it was so fun! The course is kept up really well and the courses have such awesome golf characters to put through.

 We each tried to get a fun picture on the course but the kids were not that interested, Jack was running off to the next hold while I tried to get the Borski kids to smile. #fail 
 After golf we worked up an appetite and went over to Jimmy's on the Pier, and to our surprise we were given the best seat in the house!

There was lots of pool time and I even got a little sun burn on my shoulders. The kids were brave, that water felt like it had ice cubes in it! When I told Jack that, he told me "no there is not ice in the pool Mommy, please come in"....no way jose my little friends!

 The Moms sat out enjoyed the sun and Elizabeth got in the hot tub with the kids while I watched up top as the kids ran back and forth from the hot tub to the pool. We should have just had a recording of "no running", but I'm not sure that would have helped given they had selective hearing that day...ha!

I got the kids sunglasses from the $1 store and Blake killed me with his, so darn cute!

 On one of the nights we were there we got invited over to Noteels Dad's house. It was the cutest house in the most perfect location, with walking distance to places like The Spot and Shrimp- N-Stuff. The boys loved the front yard filled with rocks and sand toys, while the girls went up stairs and watched Cinderella. 
We enjoyed a delicious seafood grill out and had a wonderful evening with all the kids!

Our last day was spent at the pool ...of course!

 So thankful for such wonderful friends that are there to enjoy in so much fun during the day and then don't judge each other when you've just had it by the end of the day, ha. 
Love all these kids and our friendship with this beautiful family! 
Until next time my friends!
Elizabeth - can we take the stairs, have chocolate for breakfast and let the kids go buck wild at 11 pm again? hahaha love you!