Monday, May 30, 2011

Bye Bye fun weekend

 Today Kev and I had another "just us" day, since Nelvi was here to take care of Jack. We sure are getting spoiled and I'm really sad for this extended holiday week/weekend to come to an end. We went to Brooks Brothers to get a bunch of new "work" clothes for Kev. No more suits, hello casual Fridays!

Then went to see the movie Bridesmaids (really funny) and decided to top it off at El Pueblito to enjoy the rest of the afternoon hanging in a cabana with a margarita in our hands.

As we finished our drink we joked about our vacation coming to an end and how we should each grab a cabana and live here.... I mean why go back to work? We could eat chips/salsa have margaritas and Jack could run the joint.
But sigh..back to reality tomorrow, but maybe we are we were leaving we saw this ......ha ha 

We are about to take the little Mr to the park and then call it a day. We need to come up with our million dollar idea so that it can be memorial day weekend, every weekend.....


Memorial Day Weekend

Though we are having so much fun this Memorial Day weekend, its not without a big thank you to all the brave men and women (and my family!) who have served/serving for our country. 
We appreciate you and your dedication to keeping our family safe every day!
  First stop was the Children's Museum with Nicole and Klein. Our membership has already paid us back, we love going here! We arrived when it opened so it was nice not having so many kids right away :) This was their first time and it was such a treat to be able to show them both all that this huge museum has to offer!

 Nicole, Klein & Jack shopping for a yummy lunch!

 So sweet :)

We came home and took a late nap and slept until 4 pm! Once sleepy head woke up I decided to take him to the park. He always finds new things to do at this park, today it was chasing the birds and checking out the flags that were up for the holiday.

Once Daddy got home from golf we packed up really quick and headed out to The Woodlands to see the firework show! Jack had such a great time pre-show. He was dancing all over the place, running up and down the walk way, playing with our glow bands, and just being the best little boy. He unfortunately was not a big fan of the fireworks, but who could be at 2 years old, hearing large bangs for the first time. He was clinching tight to Kevin the entire time, he peaked on occasion but for the most part just held tight with his head tucked. Park of us wanted to leave, but he wasn't really crying, he was just scared. We decided to stay and right after they were done he said "bye bye lights", we laughed and he started acting like it wasn't really that bad after all. 


  Salute to one fine Memorial Day Weekend


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Muy Caliente

 It feels as if summer has already started, its hot out there!!! On Friday we took Jack to our favorite indoor play area and then joined Kevin's parents for dinner to eat some delish grilled burgers. Jack was fine at the play scape but then as soon as we got to Kevin's parents house he just felt really bad, he wasn't himself. So we ate and ran and the didn't get any pictures from!!


But I'm happy to report so far so good, he hasn't come down with cold symptoms so maybe it was just a little viral that got him for a few hours. Because this morning we headed to the Bellaire pool with our two next door neighbors. We packed up, lathered up the sun screen, tossed a few drinks in the cooler and headed out to go swim! I'm sooooooooo sad that my camera died, because you won't believe this but all FOUR kids were jumping off the small diving board, WOWZERS!! My camera died and I wasn't able to get it, but yes even Jackson jumped off! How it worked was Debbie our neighbor waited in the water with a lifeguard float in between her legs so that she floated and had her arms free. Then each kid went down the lonnnnnnnnnng narrow diving board, shuffling those tiny little feet and trembling just a little... and of course with a parent behind them. They got to the end and then raised their hands for the parent behind them to toss them down to Debbie. So they didnt "jump" but they for sure had major courage to go on that board and "drop" down. Jack was itching do it, and so was Wes. It was crazy, my son wouldnt touch the baby frog slide, but yet wanted to go over and over and over again off the diving board?!?! Any who we had a wonderful afternoon and we are all worn out! We love family,good friends & all that comes with Memorial Day weekend! fun fun fun!

I also didn't get any pictures of the kids and their matching shirts, another boo, but we still have a few days left of our long weekend, so hopefully we shall get one, because look how cute they are (on the right)