Monday, May 30, 2011

Bye Bye fun weekend

 Today Kev and I had another "just us" day, since Nelvi was here to take care of Jack. We sure are getting spoiled and I'm really sad for this extended holiday week/weekend to come to an end. We went to Brooks Brothers to get a bunch of new "work" clothes for Kev. No more suits, hello casual Fridays!

Then went to see the movie Bridesmaids (really funny) and decided to top it off at El Pueblito to enjoy the rest of the afternoon hanging in a cabana with a margarita in our hands.

As we finished our drink we joked about our vacation coming to an end and how we should each grab a cabana and live here.... I mean why go back to work? We could eat chips/salsa have margaritas and Jack could run the joint.
But sigh..back to reality tomorrow, but maybe we are we were leaving we saw this ......ha ha 

We are about to take the little Mr to the park and then call it a day. We need to come up with our million dollar idea so that it can be memorial day weekend, every weekend.....


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The George Family said...

ok, thank you for another fun place to go! I am in town for my birthday starting tomorrow, and this place is on our list for afternoon cocktails! (who am I kidding? It might be lunch through the late afternoon cocktail hour!)