Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hard Work

After a night of hard work at the pumpkin patch Jack came home to relax....

Life is good!


Serious Pumpkin Pickin'

I have had a long two weeks with work so I decided that today I would leave right at 5 pm and take baby boy to pick out a few pumpkins for the house. We will of course get the cute wardrobe fall shots at a later time but today it was all about finding the perfect pumpkin!

Check out this face...Jack take pumpkin pickin' VERY serious!

Jack picked out HIS perfect pumpkin, and that's the one we got! I did pick out a few more but I was sure to purchase the one he "sorta" pointed to :) Wobbly pumpkin we shall make you  a good home for a few months!

After all the hard work we washed our hands in the fountain and took off for dinner! Pumpkin pickin' success!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Love

We love weekends even if we don't do much, its nice to have family time. We went the the park a few times but for the most part we just hung around the house...watched football, goofed around and just had some great laughs!

Baby boy you love to push buttons ...even when the UT game is on you seem to find the buttons to the remote. So we have to resort to finding things that have buttons that you can play with....so the $1 Store is perfect :)

 Its rough being so cute on the weekends ...we love you so much!!  
 Especially when we ask you "Where is Jacks nose" .... you for sure get it right every time....
 he obviously needs to make sure you know exactly where his nose is...
 ha ha ha ha
 You are so cute when you play your music and dance to your own beats...
 ...and we love when you refuse to give us the mallet and put it in your mouth! stinker!
 We love when you hide and you are certain there is no way we can find you...
 ...but we always do and are always so excited to see your smile!
Oh and Buckley is not really a fan of you pulling his tail but he loves you so much he deals with it.

We love that you have such sweet neighborhood friends ..and that their mommies know that its hard to give up those cute summer clothes too :)
We love even more that Ruby shares the latest trends with you...
Crazy bands for everyone!

You are crazy cute and we are so crazy in love with you Jack!


Monday, September 20, 2010


That's right we have new toys and new teeth at our house!

Jack is doing so well in school that I decided to reward him with a new bath toy. He loves bubbles and this is made for the bath, which he loves too.... so I thought it was a perfect reward.

Bubbles everywhere and in the hair!
 I love these next set of photos... such a cutie pie!!

Jack is cutting 4 new teeth! The two that I could photograph are up on the bottom front, one on each side of the two teeth already there....and then there are two more coming in the back and I'm not sure which teeth they are but baby boy has been really good. He fusses a little more at night but overall he has been such a trooper for 4 teeth coming in at once.  He will now have 10 teeth!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Splish Splashin at Gma & Gpas

On Saturday morning we drove to Gma & Gpa Strehlow to go swimming. Jack usually lasts about 10 mins before he wants to get out and go play around in the yard. This time he stayed in for at least 30 mins! We all had so much fun and loved that we got to spen
d a little while longer in the pool. Next summer will be awesome and we will for sure be in the pool more often.

Thanks for having us over and for our fun orange (hook'em) nerf ball that you got Jack from Hawaii! Love you

School is cool!

Look at how much fun Jack is having in school! They take pictures during the day and post for the parents to see! It makes it so much better when you leave in the morning and he is crying... to leave knowing he is going to have a wonderful day filled with so many activities!

Finger painting....he came home spotless, we wouldn't have known he even messed around with paint.we

Coloring with his friends
Playing in the sand outside
Taking naps on his cot with his lovie and blankets- he usually naps for 1.5 or 2 hours!
Eating lunch at the table in a big boy chair
Reading books at the library station
and of course he gives his teacher the same face...so tired of the pictures :)
Fun times at BMWS!