Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 My kid loves him some Chucky Cheese...
I think its funny, because had you asked me a few years back I would have told you there is no way when I have kids will they be allowed to go to CC....boy am I eating those words now :)
I even contemplated doing his 3rd birthday there, but I decided to go a different route, but that's ok because we have several more birthdays in line and I'm certain I will cave and do a CC birthday one year :)

This past week Nelvi and another nanny of our street took the kids together to CC. "The girls" as we like to call them (twin sisters + another sister) were showing Jack all the ropes of CC and got him to ride the horses and carousel. So maybe this summer when we go down to Kemah he will ride the carousel horses with me!

I took him on Sunday for an hour for being a good boy while we packed up our garage.

 and when rolling the ball doesnt work...
 Jack then decided on his own... that going directly to the hole would! lol
 And look at this lucky duck! 125 tickets! Jackpot!

 We for sure hit the JACKpot with this little love... he pushes our buttons often ..but this little smile...oh my :)
Oh and we are so excited...the garage has been moved to a storage unit! We are starting to make preps to put the house on the market and it feels good to be able to walk through our garage now!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Round Up some fun

We took Jack to the Houston Rodeo Parade this morning along with a ton of other Houstonians! So fun!

We got there a little early to find a spot and so we got to cheer on the runners from the Rodeo 5K/10K pass us by.

The front of the parade and the first band was a familiar sound... The Longhorn Band!

Horns up!
Baby horns :)

Now that is one TALL Texan!

We took two cars downtown so that I could leave and drive to my salon appointment. Kevin took care of Jack so that I could get my gray covered up. Yup Mommy has some gray hairs and so I decided it was finally time to color my hair. I did highlights down towards the bottom of my hair and then did full color on top, I think it turned out great and the gray is no more....for now!
Now only if I knew how to style my hair like this!
Once I got home we went over to our neighbors house and hung out, had dinner and then did a few Easter crafts for our upcoming Egg Hunt.

 I can't wait for our annual Egg Hunt! It will be so much fun this year for the boys!
 To be stuffed....


Friday, February 24, 2012

Go Texan Day 2012

 If there is one thing I love about Texas ....its Rodeo season! 
It gets everyone so excited with big smiles and lots more yes mams and thank yous are said! 
Oh and we all get to wear boots! Yeee-haw!

 Howdy partner....
 Such a handsome little cowboy!
  I got Jack ready for school and then we ran next door to take a few pictures with Wes before he went to his school. Debbie (our neighbor) got the boys these cute little t-shirts with the rope initial on them. 
These are the cutest buckaroos I've ever seen :) 

  Then it was off to St. Martins for the Dad's Hoedown! I volunteered to help this year and of course I made sure that my sweet boys were put at the best servers table...mine!

Chili cheese hot dogs, Frito's, root beer and two good lookin' loves
...well doesn't get much better than that yall!
Grab your partner and dosey doe!
 Not sure what Charlie and Kevin are doing here...
 A balloon to go and a fun lunch we had!
 Oh and how fun is this... right as we were about to pull on our street I noticed horses going by on the street behind us (2 streets away is the highway feeder) was a trail rider club heading to the rodeo! So neat! We are taking Jack to the Rodeo parade tomorrow morning, he is going to LOVE it!

Who loves being a Mom? I DO!