Saturday, February 25, 2012

Round Up some fun

We took Jack to the Houston Rodeo Parade this morning along with a ton of other Houstonians! So fun!

We got there a little early to find a spot and so we got to cheer on the runners from the Rodeo 5K/10K pass us by.

The front of the parade and the first band was a familiar sound... The Longhorn Band!

Horns up!
Baby horns :)

Now that is one TALL Texan!

We took two cars downtown so that I could leave and drive to my salon appointment. Kevin took care of Jack so that I could get my gray covered up. Yup Mommy has some gray hairs and so I decided it was finally time to color my hair. I did highlights down towards the bottom of my hair and then did full color on top, I think it turned out great and the gray is no more....for now!
Now only if I knew how to style my hair like this!
Once I got home we went over to our neighbors house and hung out, had dinner and then did a few Easter crafts for our upcoming Egg Hunt.

 I can't wait for our annual Egg Hunt! It will be so much fun this year for the boys!
 To be stuffed....



Lili said...

i cant get myself to go out early in this cold weather - LOL! cant wait to see your easter egg hunt event!

Maura said...

you guys are just the cutest family!!!! i love your hair!!! she did a great job!!

Jane said...

The parade looks like so much fun! Your hair looks GORGEOUS!!! I am starting to get gray too! I really dread coloring my hair, and will put it off as long as I can...but when I do it will be fun to play around with fun colors :). Yours looks fantastic!!

Donna said...

How fun! Those horses look beautiful. I can't wait to see what y'all come up with for Easter.

Lea Liz said...

How much fun!! Love Jackon's cowboy bootsand yours too!!!! I always loev all of your outfits, wish you could be my stylist :)
Love your hair!!