Wednesday, June 29, 2011

at least one room in the house is clean

 It's been a crazy week. This is the busiest work week for me, I eat breath and dream about work, quarter end is no fun! However we have such an amazing weekend ahead of us , it gives me something to look forward to!

We always read to Jackson before he goes to sleep and any other time he requests a book, but lately he has been wanting to read on his own, "no mommy" he says and off I go. He reads to himself and I'm not quite sure what he is saying but sometimes he laughs and it cracks me up!

 Look at how crazy my office is! My desk is a mess full of paper and oh so yummy lean cuisine meals. The bed is full of everything Ive purchased for Jacks birthday party this weekend!

Let the good times start Thursday 12: 00 am...that's when the quarter ends :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I think we have the hang of it!!

We have a little pro at opening presents now!

One of my dear friends from high school flew to Austin from California. Her hubby along with their baby (Nita is 22 weeks along!) came up to Houston to meet Jackson for the first time. They were so sweet to bring him a birthday gift and we had a really great night. We went to dinner and Jackson was sooo good, and while I don't have any pictures at dinner, this kid loves salsa! He started out eating it with chips and then he just skipped the chips and started scooping it with his hands to his mouth. It wasn't hot, but it did have a little flavor to it, and he thought it was the best thing ever! He surely is a kid of ours, we love us some salsa and chips! 

 Jack also got a super cool place mat that has all the numbers on it. We will for sure bring that out with us to keep this little guy busy!

Thanks Siegel Family for tracking all the way to Houston for dinner, we love you and can't wait to meet your precious son!

We checked the mail just before we left and ANOTHER package was addressed to Jackson. It was from the Besher Family! Ohhh and how excited Mommy was when she saw what store it was from! Trish I love you and wish we could pull Austin closer, so that I could see your adorable baby girl every day! They grow so fast and I only wish we could get together more! We love y'all and thank you again for sending the cutest little swim trunks and shirt! They are precious!!

 Look at that face, he is just so stinkin cute with all those curls :)
 Count this in the wash and packed for our beach weekend!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loving all these new toys!

 Check out Jack playing with his new bean bag toss....

He helped Daddy put it together making sure it was ready to go!

 ..but then Jack realized he could get closer and get the bags in all the time and make the music/sounds go off. ha

Thanks Papa King! He loved it :) 


On his own!

Just a little while ago Jackson said..poo poo. We didn't know if he was telling us he needed to go or needed a diaper change, we checked and he had not gone yet. So we put him on the toilet and let him read his books, and guess what?!?! We are 2 for 2!! This was the first time he asked us to go, exciting times around The Strehlow household! ha

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Nothing but net

 PaPa King sent a gift card for Jackson for us to get the following from Toys-R-Us:
  1. Pixar : Cars DVD  
  2. Little Tikes Bean Bag toss aka cornhole
  3. Grow to Pro basketball goal
And we followed our directions so well and got all three :) We opened up the bball goal first and played a little one on one...Daddy VS Jack


Our new pool

 Is already getting good use, and this one is so much better..all the parts are connected! Jack would be in the water all day everday if you let him! He is such a fish!

 Blowing bubbles..ha


Thanks Aunt Carol & Uncle Rick

 We took your check and got Jack three new puzzles! They are all so cool and he loves them so much, thank you for thinking of Jack!!

 How cool that the train has a #2 on it, and when you finish putting the puzzle together it makes a choo choo sound ...which of course Jack loves!
 This one makes sounds for each animal!
 And this is my favorite, he has to find the letters to spell out the picture. I'm certain this is how he will be learning a few of his words!


hot wheels