Sunday, October 31, 2010

Room parent quicky!

Tomorrow is Ms. Donna's birthday (Jacks primary teacher at BMWS). So since I'm room parent I had to put something together really fast. We put Jack down to sleep, and he was a tired stinker from running around and made this! I think it turned out cute and we can't wait until the morning so we can share a big birthday song with our wonderful teacher! 


Halloween 2010

We are SO PROUD of Jack! He did so good tonight! He kept his costume on the entire time, walked on his own to most of our neighbors doors, took candy and put it in his bucket and was the BEST skunk (ok he was the only skunk...but so cute)! Baby boy you had so much fun tonight, you were very interested in all the kids running around on our street! 

Cutest little stinker we have ever seen! 

 Off and ready to go get some candy!

He quickly learned how to pick a piece of candy from the bowl and put it in his candy bucket, smart boy! 
 Our friends across the street, Andrew & Ruby.

 Our next door neighbor Wes! Jack kept looking at Wes thinking "what are you wearing"... I'm not sure if Jack remembered he had on a silly costume too! ha

 Grandma Strehlow, Kev and Jack heading to fill up with more candy!
 Our friend David, what a cute cowboy!
 Everyone really enjoyed Jacks costume!

 Silly Daddy!

 Our friend Ruby, wow isn't that a crazy cool costume!!
 After a fun night we came inside and as you can see Jack was really curious about those shiny packages he collected all night.
 What a great Halloween!!!


Halloween Feast

I cooked a hearty meal for Jackson to ensure he had enough fuel to take on our street for trick or treating! The meal was awesome and the company even better. Kevin's Mom and Dad along with our family friend Gokul came over to celebrate Halloween. 
Mimi and Grandpa King.... don't worry we took lots of pictures just for you :)  

I don't cook as often as I should, so I was proud, don't the ingredients look tasty? 


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sweet Friends

Kevin and I are amazed how how we are blessed with great family and great friends! Our dear family friend Gokul has done too much for us ...from chauffeuring 20+ girls to my bachelorette dinner so that we could catch the party bus, to watching our dogs, holding Jack when we need a break, and providing way too much in the form of generous gifts to us. Gokul you are such a dear person and we appreciate you SO much! Thanks for coming over tonight and hanging with Jack and reading him a book! He was really interested in that club you got Kevin...which by the way was too nice of you! Looks like you better watch your clubs boys, there is a new kid ready to swing swing swing!

Jack is still checking out that club! ha ha What a great picture too!


Guess Who.....

is Room Parent?? Yup that would be ME! I got my packet today and Im thrilled :)


Pretty Paper

Today we got the cutest card in the mail from our blog friend Liam who is just about the same age is Jack. His mom Stefanie was so sweet to think of us and mail Jack a Halloween puppet card! I love it and by the pictures you can see that baby boy did too! They just so happen to live in Houston, so a play date is in order for the boys! :) I love blogging for my family and meeting new awesome people.
 Austin is my home but I have found that Houston isn't so bad :)