Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pretty Paper

Today we got the cutest card in the mail from our blog friend Liam who is just about the same age is Jack. His mom Stefanie was so sweet to think of us and mail Jack a Halloween puppet card! I love it and by the pictures you can see that baby boy did too! They just so happen to live in Houston, so a play date is in order for the boys! :) I love blogging for my family and meeting new awesome people.
 Austin is my home but I have found that Houston isn't so bad :)


1 comment:

the clark family. said...

Aaaaah! SO cute on his little fingers!!

I'm glad he liked the card-- the Halloween cards this year were too cute to pass up!

And yes, we should get these two monkeys together-- they're what, 2 weeks apart, essentially. I think they'd have a blast!