Sunday, November 28, 2010

Won't you guide our sleigh tonight...

We added a new member to our our Rudolph. Isn't he so cute? He is a little animated deer that was just too good of a deal to pass up over the weekend. While Jack was napping and Daddy was at the Texans football game I played in the yard and put all this together. I think it turned out really cute and I love how Jack woke up and was so excited to explore his yard.

Love how you can see Transco/Williams Tower in the background!  I'm pretty sure Santa won't have a hard time finding our house, we are all lit up!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot Rod

Costco sure knows how to get the Moms and Dads...put this pretty red shiny new car right up front... 

look at those eyes saying....can I have it puuuuulease? 
Glad this Mom and Dad didn't get suckered in, maybe next year buddy :)


What a SWEET time....

at Sweet Mesquite for dinner we had with Grandma & Grandpa Strehlow. We were in the Sugarland area just messing around and decided to see if Gma and Gpa were available for dinner. We met up at our usual hangout and had a really fun time. Of course the best part for Jack was getting Grandmas coin purse and playing all the games!
This ride went fast, Daddy and I had to take turns running around with you because we were getting dizzy!

  I had to post a comparison Jack used to have to sit on his knees to reach!
 Oh how fast they grow up!

 He is just too excited driving that car! Oh I think Jack is going to love that coin purse and will be tugging on you for more games soon :)


Emily's Birthday

Today we celebrated with our friend Emily. She turned the big 3 today and had a super fun party! Kev and I enjoyed it just as much as Jack, ha! The party was in Humble at Jumpapalooza which is a large building with HUGE  inflatables. It was so fun to get in and jump around with Jack!

He didn't stay in the kiddie zone for long... after he got the hang of it he was off to the big slides with Daddy!

Emily the birthday girl, looked ADORABLE with her tutu that Allison made for her.
Izzie was having a blast too!
That is one happy boy!
Lauren and Nick, such a sweet picture!
Beautiful sisters Sarah & Allison
 Lauren is the sweetest little thing!

Allison you did a great job, thanks for including Jack in all the fun! We look forward to many birthdays ahead!


Kevin's mom took her friend Marilyn to the treasured spot Maui... and the two had a wonderful time. To thank Gloria, Marilyn contacted me as she wanted to do something special for Gloria. So she thought that getting Jack's silhouette done would be a great gift, and I thought so too! So we met at our house and headed to Fundamental Toys in River Oaks to get his done. It was such a neat experience and I know I will treasure this keepsake for a lifetime! Thanks Marilyn for the wonderful idea, I saw Gloria's front and center in her living room last night. I have mine in Jacks play room and it's a perfect addition to all of our houses!

Here we are getting ready to go, and Jack was being such a sweetie!

 Once we arrived we checked in and had a few minutes for Jack to play around before they called our name..and of course he loved everything in sight!

 Jack had so much fun with this Melissa & Doug shopping cart, we added it to his list for Christmas.
Santa I believe has already heard the wish :)

 Within the blink of an eye Cindi was done with the silhouette. I couldn't be more happy, it turned out great and its a wonderful keepsake to have in our family. Thank you again Marilyn for taking the time to have this done for Jack & Gloria and of course for being such a wonderful friend to our family.