Saturday, November 27, 2010

Emily's Birthday

Today we celebrated with our friend Emily. She turned the big 3 today and had a super fun party! Kev and I enjoyed it just as much as Jack, ha! The party was in Humble at Jumpapalooza which is a large building with HUGE  inflatables. It was so fun to get in and jump around with Jack!

He didn't stay in the kiddie zone for long... after he got the hang of it he was off to the big slides with Daddy!

Emily the birthday girl, looked ADORABLE with her tutu that Allison made for her.
Izzie was having a blast too!
That is one happy boy!
Lauren and Nick, such a sweet picture!
Beautiful sisters Sarah & Allison
 Lauren is the sweetest little thing!

Allison you did a great job, thanks for including Jack in all the fun! We look forward to many birthdays ahead!

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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

We have a place near our house called "Frogg's Bounce House" and we love it! So much fun! Glad to see Jack's wearing long sleeves. Christian burned his elbows going down one of those things! Lesson learned.