Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jack Cool!

When I first opened this gift almost 6 months ago (shower gift) ... I thought OMG it's sooooo cute, but 6 months, booo I have to wait forever to get him to wear this! Well that time has gone by so fast and now he can wear it! We are really lucky that Jack is pretty true to size right now. He is 5 months and wears 6 month clothes. With all the clothes in his closet this is a really good thing since most purchased according to season! We are right on track and look forward to a fashionable winter :)
Have a restful Sunday and we will see ya'll next week!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009


We are a few days behind at posting his 5 month pictures, with the holidays things got a little crazy! We were looking back at all the other month posts and it's amazing how much he has grown and how he has changed! He is turning more into a little boy each and every day!

At 5 months he does the following:
  • Eats 6.5 oz of formula
  • Eats a little rice cereal from a spoon and does FANTASTIC with it!
  • At his first Thanksgiving he had a few small bites of corn casserole, he gobbled it up!
  • Sleeps from 7 pm until 6 am and then goes back down after a feeding until 8 am
  • Went on his first vacation via airplane to Hawaii
  • Took a swim in the pool for the first time and touched the sand/ocean for the first time
  • Loves to bounce in his jumperoo
  • Grasps toys with both hands and can put them directly to his mouth
  • Holds his head up perfectly
  • Rolled over for the first time and has done it 5 more times since then
  • Hates being on his tummy
  • Tries to turn the pages of his books
  • Hits the music button on his Baby Einstein musical
  • Spins the wheels on his own while in his Exersaucer
  • Follows voices and instantly turns to look at you
  • Still likes going for car rides and walks around the neighborhood
  • Occasionally grabs the dogs fur
  • Babbles all the time now, and will even mimic you on certain sounds
  • Loves to touch your face when he is feeding, the sweetest thing!
We are so thankful for this blessing, he brightens our life everyday! Cheers to a healthy, happy and eventful 5 months!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What an amazing day! We have so much to be thankful for. We thank our lucky stars everyday for our beautiful son, and the love that he gives us.
We are are blessed with the roof over our head, to have our parents- whose strength is an inspiration to us, our amazing family, our health, and all of the wonderful friends that we have met along the way.

We sure know how to cooking and eating! WOW! We had entire bakers rack of sweets! This year has been quite a wonderful year for us. We look forward to many more wonderful days ahead of this blessed family!!

Jack watched a little of the parade in his Turkey Day pj's.
Everyone started to arrive and we got down to the good stuff!

It was such a beautiful day to just enjoy our family!
Jack was a good little boy, he did get a little sneak of corn casserole, which he loved!

Jack was worn out!

Gobble Gobble - on to Christmas folks!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Do these pictures remind you of the movie A Christmas Story? It sure made for a good laugh with my father and I. We wanted to take Jack on a walk, but it was quite chilly out, so we opted for the parka that my Aunt Margie and Uncle Greg got for us. Although he wasn't moving anywhere, Jack really liked being bundled up and enjoyed his walk. He is such a good sport!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Grandpa King!! oh and those mean mean mean shots....

Today we finally took Jack to go get his 4 month shots. Even though he is almost 5 months old, we put it off because of our trip to Hawaii. He did such a GOOD job today even though its SO hard for all of us! Today was a treat because Grandpa King came with us!! How special! He came for a few days and then is heading down to Austin for Thanksgiving. Check out these photos of our mostly fun day :) Mommy took a lot and could not narrow them down...enjoy!
Look at those long legs! He is 95th percentile for height (27 and 1/4 inches ) and 50th percentile for weight (15 lb 3 oz) ....which means he is tall and skinny :) We are going to have these chicken legs for a while. LOVE THEM :) Oh yes I'm loving his winter booties!
Grandpa giving Jack big kisses before he gets his shots....And its time for those mean mean mean shots.... Jack was not happy!Grandpa giving him sugar water to help with the pain from the shots.Oh my that little face, such a good little boy after all his shots. Got home and relaxed, look at those mean snoopy band-aids all over his legs! 4 shots :(

Chico loved on Jack for a little while

Finally it all ends with what he knows best, a sweet smile! You are such a good baby boy!