Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the road again

We are all packed and ready to go!! Wish us luck on our journey to Big Sky Country!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mimi time!

I thought I was going to have to work late, and I knew Kevin was going to go get a round of golf in... so I asked Mimi to come over after Nelvi left to take care of Jack. But I ended up getting all my work done on time and was able to share in the fun for the evening. Yay!!
Nanie couldn't come with MiMi as she has friends in town, but she sent a little something she ordered for Jack. Check out these adorable blocks! Nanie thank you soooooo much, he loves them!!

After we played with the blocks it was on the rough housing with Buckley as he is the only one that will stay around long enough to play. Chico jumps and heads for the hills once he sees Jack on the bed! Jack LOVES Buckley...and well Buckley tolerates Jack :)
Then it was time for bath!

and a few good night kisses!!

I think one little boy will be sleeping sound after all this lovin'!!

My little bud

This little sweet guy created his first art project today!
Nelvi took Jack to our wonderful brand new library that is just blocks from our house to the story time/pupet show. Afterwards they always do a craft with the kids and today is was paper flowers.
Isnt it sooooo pretty??? Nelvi & Jack did a GREAT job! I think he is pretty proud too!
I planted it right on my desk and has made my day so much brighter!
Thank you Jack, you take after your mommy! You are a Jack of all trades :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treats from our Wild Texas Tornado

I love it that my Dad calls Jack the Texas Tornado! ha! 

 Tonight I put together a few bags for our friends that shall sit next to us on the plane ride to Montana. I think they turned out really cute! This is our 2nd go round, as we did this when Jackson was 4 months on our long flight to Maui, Hawaii. He was such a WONDERFUL baby on the Maui flight that we really didn't even need to make these....but we are mobile now and things are a little more wild! So I changed the bags up a little and hope we get lots of smiles as we enter the plane on Friday!

Isn't this ribbon so cute? sweet little animals :)
Whats in the bag?? Of course candy...
and some earplugs if things get a little WILD!
Looking forward to Friday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jacks 1st boo boo

Well I knew the day would come, I just wish that it could have waited until AFTER our vacation trip...where I was going to get pictures done for our Christmas cards...Oh well
Jack fell on the carpet in the landing area near the garage, he just lost his footing and went nose first. Poor little guy.

Mommy I got a boo boo!!

But thats ok Mom I'm a boy and boys are rough a tough!
and no boo boo will stop this sweet boy from smiling!



Jackson's new favorite thing is looking at books and having us read to him! I love it so much and today he did something that made me the proudest mommy! Every time I read this Elmo and the Zoo book to him, I point to the monkey and tell him what it is.  (Side note he knows what sound a monkey makes and when we tell him "What sound does the monkey make" ...he makes the sounds) So this morning as I was getting him ready he opened all of his books. He got to the last page where the monkey was and pointed to him and made the sound of the monkey!! I was in shock!!! WOW!! I don't have other kids around to compare these milestones to, but all I know is I am certain we have one smart cookie on our hands! We are so proud of you Jackson!!
I didn't get a picture of him pointing to the monkey ...if only your vision could be downloaded to a video! However I took a few pictures after of him checking out his books.

Looking at pictures is serious business around this house!


Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's always nice to have a little break, dress up, and have a date....even if it is at a wedding :)
Yay for Jacks cousin getting married! Congrats Casey & Sarah!
and a really big YAY to Grandpa Strehlow for his 80th birthday!!! We will be celebrating as a family in a few weeks after we get back from vacation. We will be going to Vargos, which is where Gma & Gpa had their very first date!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Discovery Green

Today we checked out the park in downtown Houston called Discovery Green. It has so many wonderful things for kids to do and plenty of architecturally stimulating views for adults. So we suited up Jack as he was squealing with excitement and headed down there!
First stop was the wall of color! Jack loved touching all the different color blocks.
Then over to the splash pad.... I'm not a huge fan of public water places, but Jack loves water so I bite my tongue and just wash hands and faces like a mad lady once we are done!
Plus this little guy has so much fun I can't help but be exited for him!

I tried to keep his hat on but he had other plans :)

Once he was done he was done and ready to move on to the next thing....busy boy!

He was not happy with us ...he wanted to go into that dirty water to chase those boats... we are such mean parents for not letting him..ha!

So we decided to let him run around a little bit... and boy was he on the go!
Thumbs up for making Dad really tired by chasing me all over the place :)
We changed him out of his swim gear and he was worn out!

What a fun and BUSY day! He surely keeps us going!