Monday, July 26, 2010


Jackson's new favorite thing is looking at books and having us read to him! I love it so much and today he did something that made me the proudest mommy! Every time I read this Elmo and the Zoo book to him, I point to the monkey and tell him what it is.  (Side note he knows what sound a monkey makes and when we tell him "What sound does the monkey make" ...he makes the sounds) So this morning as I was getting him ready he opened all of his books. He got to the last page where the monkey was and pointed to him and made the sound of the monkey!! I was in shock!!! WOW!! I don't have other kids around to compare these milestones to, but all I know is I am certain we have one smart cookie on our hands! We are so proud of you Jackson!!
I didn't get a picture of him pointing to the monkey ...if only your vision could be downloaded to a video! However I took a few pictures after of him checking out his books.

Looking at pictures is serious business around this house!


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