Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clothes, Dogs, and I've had enough....

It's not a surprise that Jack's closet is packed to the brim with adorable little outfits that I purchased along the way while pregnant. Baby clothes are like women's clothes...they all run the gamut of sizes, trying to figure out what fits is a guessing game. So I often have fashion shows so that I know what he can fit into right now. Today we tried on a pair of jeans! They are still too big but I can't wait until they fit him a little better, maybe in a month. Ha ha so cute! We slowly are trying to introduce Jack to the dogs, I'm not sure if either party is really interested in the other right now? Today was Chicos turn and he at least will stay around for a few more minutes than Buckley. I know Jack will be pulling tails soon and I hope these dogs allow for some fun! I'm sure they will :) Jack usually is a pretty good little sport through all the pictures and fun that I put him through, but he for sure will let me know when he has had enough. Today the "Ive had enough" just looked so cute, so I snapped a picture, put in a paci (isn't this paci funny, compliments of Lanie) and snapped one more picture. Then I picked him up put the camera down and rocked my sweetie to sleep. I'm a good mom, I just like to take the pictures :)

Paci and Lovie

Jack has always taken a paci since he was born, but they are the hospital ones and they are not very fashionable. My great friend Katie got Jack these personalized paci's and I have been dying to use them..however my kid had other plans until today!!! He wouldn't take these and today I tried and wallla he loves it! It doesn't come out of his mouth as easy as the hospital paci, so it sooths him for a longer period of time, plus how cute are they!?!

He also has been moving his little fingers a lot when I feed him, so our Nanny said he needs something to touch while feeding and asked if I had a lovie. I thought for a minute and remembered that my dear friend Lawren got him a giraffe lovie! We gave it to him and he is slowly starting to rub the corner! How cute! I never had a lovie when I was little, so I think its so cute that eventually he will be walking around with his little lovie in his hand.
He is getting so big and those eyes are still blue-green! I hope they stay!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jack is 2 months old today! We cant believe how fast 2 months has gone by, they say "your kid grows up tooooo fast"... well today I believe it! We pushed his 2 month visit out until Sept 9th (that is the next apt the had available) b/c I wanted Kevin to attend the visit, since they give him so many shots. Kev had to attend a meeting on the original date we had scheduled and I just didn't want to do it alone, those big tears need big Daddy to be there!

We are clueless about his weight and height today ...but we do know all these smiles make up for finding out about silly numbers!

He did the following this past month:
  • Smiled at Daddy when he came home from work
  • Recognized Buckley and smiled (he hasn't found Chico yet)
  • Got a new Nanny and LOVES her
  • Plays in his play gym for 10-15 minutes on his own observing all the toys
  • Can focus on a lot more objects (not just his favorite candle)
  • Sleeps more than 6 hours at a time during the night
  • Doesn't so much like his car seat right now
  • Takes 5 ounces of formula
  • Makes huge poops once a day (and I mean HUGE)
  • Has found his voice and is starting to make small sounds
  • Loves to look at his paintings in the nursery when getting his diaper changed
  • Got a mobile in the room and at night he self sooths to sleep
  • Sucking his hands more to self sooth
  • Looks at the pages of a the Bright Baby books for a few seconds
  • Took his first out of town trip to Austin and was an excellent baby
Wow what a list! Keep it up and you will be President by 12 years old! Happy 2 months Jack!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fantasy Football

Kevin and his law school buddies are so serious about fantasy football. Myself and another wife (Sarah Fossum) love to bitch about this time of the year. We looooooose our husbands to the TV, the computer and cell they text like little girls in H.S. to their buddies during the games. One of the non money leagues (I wish they all were non money leagues!) has a prize of a real Fantasy Football RING that if they win it's customized to the winner. Yep sooo silly!!! But they think its the coolest thing since slice bread... Last year Kev won...and now he trying to teach Jackson all about FF....

He doesn't seem so interested...thank goshShoot...I spoke toooooooo soon!
He says the name of his team will be "Jack Attack" ....great now I have two little monsters!

Watch out Olson, Fossum and Gentry and all the other silly boys...he will getcha :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday playdate

Renee and Dante came over to play! We finally got to meet little D! He is so stinkin' cute and girls watch out...those eye lashes are to die for! Boys always get the good eye lashes!! Thanks for coming over and we loved the bumbo tray and books! I think we might just have to read one tonight! Lets get together again soon! Can't wait until Jack is old enough to play with him, they can be best buds! xoxo
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My future is so bright I gotta wear shades...

Our house has really muted colors, I love soft blues, greens, pinks ....anything shabby chic. So when I was registering for Jacks stuff I joked "uh why is everything so dammmm bright, don't they make this in teal and better yet why cant I monogram it" However I know babies need bright colors and shapes to develop and learn! So of course I would never deprive my beautiful son of anything and registered for all the toys, play gyms and bouncers that I could! We have been for the past week using his play mat and while I still think some of this is sensory overload he seems to love it! He is trying to focus on all the toys, so his eyes cross often, which I don't like but its all part of his little eyes picking up on all these new things! Jack has one bright future and we look forward to introducing more and more to him every day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday night fun!

Grandma Gloria's great friend Marilyn stopped by to visit our little sweetness. He was all smiles and had so much love to give tonight! We love the precious Lenox Noah's Ark bank that she purchased for Jack. He already has earned 50 cents towards his college fund by giving sweet smiles to Mommy and Daddy! We need a lot more smiles to get into Harvard....
She also brought with her my weakness..chocolate! Look how cute these choc-baby sticks are... one is a bottle and the other a train. Thanks Marilyn for coming over on your Friday night to meet Jack!

Cant get enough!!

We just can't get enough of bath time!! I guess that's great for Jack, because he is one clean little boy! He loves bath time so much and it really calms him down and relaxes him right before his last bottle of the night. I can't get over this little "bum" (as my friend JaneE calls it) ...this picture is being saved for his future wedding montage! We tried to copy tummy time that our friend Hutch was doing, but Jack didn't seem to care for this too much and wanted to flip over on his back. He loves getting wrapped in his towels after bath, we have a plethora of animal towels and tonight it was the owl! Thanks Aunt Law for this towel, he is learning he has a voice and he hoooots like a little owl all the time, so its very fitting :)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Jacks first trip to Austin!!!

Our first trip to Austin with little Jack was a fun, sometimes stressful, super packed weekend! Our little guy did the best he could do and everyone adored him! He for sure got some good lovin' from all his favorite Aunties!! It started off on Friday, Daddy came home early from work, and mom was all packed and ready to go. Jack had on one of his "gay-gay" outfits (per Dad) and wasn't a happy camper. He was ready to get the show on the road!

As you can see the car was packed to the max! This little booger had his own spreadsheet that I made so that we could keep track of all the stuff we had to bring and to make sure we came back with it too!
Once we got in the car and got settled in, Jack was a sweet little boy and was laughing and coo'ing ready to show off his duds and smiles to all the ladies! The ride down he was great, we stopped about half way to feed/change him and then we put him back in the car seat for the last leg to Austin. He slept the way over and mom took a nap too while Dad hauled it to A-town!We arrived at the ranch in about 4 hours, it usually takes us 2.5 or we were all glad to see the familiar entrance to the Wild Onion! Let's get this party started friends!
We have seen the longhorns too many times to count but we realized this was Jacks first time to the ranch so we slowwwwwwed down and told Jack about the ranch (where mommy and daddy got married) and showed him the longhorns!We quickly were greeted by Boo Boo and Aunt Mandi! We had not seen them in forever it was SO good to see her and how cute is she!?!?! With a baby of her own on the way, we couldn't be more excited this time around to check out her bump!!In the Edgerton-Harris spirit....there is ALWAYS fresh flowers in abundance around the house! I just loved these little sweet orange flowers, they had these cool curly wire things coming out of them, Mrs. E is super talented! As soon as we unloaded the car, the boys were already chillaxin' and Mandi was busy getting ready for our girls night. The boys were going to play poker....and those stinkers didn't get home until 4 am!! Our girls night ended around midnight but was so much fun. I didn't get any pictures from the girls! But it was sooooo good to see Lanie & Ana and the rest of the girls! While the boys relaxed Mandi told me she had a gift for Jack. So we opened the bag and I started laughing so hard!!! Mandi and her sister had made these hilarious onesies! They are so perfect and I am sooooo in love with them! She made more than I pictured (including a Smashtron onesie especially for Kevin) and I think she needs to sell some of these, I know here in Houston some of the ghetto fab individuals are going to be really jealous of my baby when he wears these! I will just have to tell them "Pop Off" ...hahahha
One of the sweetest things was Mandi told me that these flowers were for us from Sonta and Lalo, who are the ranch hands at the Wild Onion. They are two of the sweetest people and I thought it was so incredibly thoughtful of them to think of our family. Every time I go to the ranch I make it a point to go find them and say hi and ask how they are doing, they are such a huge part of the ranch and are extended family to everyone that meets them. Que Bonita!
After getting showered with hugs and gifts we put little man in his pj's to get ready for night night. Friday night I was worried that he wasn't going to sleep very well because we were in a new place. We brought his bassinet, monitor, musical night night giraffe and his cd player - anything to make him feel at home! I put him to sleep around 9: 45 pm and our little man slept until 5: 50 am!! WOW!! Kevin got home from poker at 4 am, so he was exhausted but I couldn't help but wake him up to my excitement that Jack had slept through the night! How awesome!!!The next morning we woke up and I put him in his little golf outfit that Aunt Mandi had purchased for him a few weeks back. Check out Mandi's bump, awww I miss being preg!! Its so little and so cute!! I can't WAIT until she finds out what her and Shaun are having!! We took Jack over to Sassys (Mandis Mom) house, which is right across the other side of the ranch. Mandi is very lucky to have her mom so close! Sassy just adored Jack and I couldn't help but think in just a few short months she will be doing this with her own grandchild! I told the two of them its so surreal to think that a few years ago we were using their kitchen to make t-shirts for homecoming football game and now we are using the kitchen to change diapers and goo-goo-gaagaa over babies! Ha ha! Sassy let us pick out the cutest bib!! Her friend makes these and I just loved this one!
Jack is one spoiled and posh little boy! We made the trip to Austin because my dear friend Dee got married! She was married to Jake in the Caribbean and then had the reception at The Crossing at Volente. The Crossing was such a unique place, it was up on top of a hill and had AMAZING views of Lake Travis! Dee looked so beautiful and her dress was so adorable, frilly and fun! Congrats Dee and Jake your reception was beautiful, sorry we had to leave early our little man could only take so much. But we loved seeing you and so glad that we got to make it! Jack loved these statues that were in the gallery area outside the reception. He kept laughing and smiling at them every time Kevin took him to go see them.
Seems everything I like is $$....looks like he is following my footsteps!
We ran into Leti (Dee's maid of honor) who I had not seen in years!!!
We got home and all were so exhausted, I took a nap with Jack as soon as we got back. Lyndsey came over that night and gave Jack his night cap bottle to top him off for a long sleep :)
Then Mandi, Lynds and I talked until midnight about her new boy (who id 6'7 and a total cutie! Good job Lynds!) and all kinds of other girl stuff. I miss yall so darn much!!!
On Sunday morning I woke up early with Jack and went over to Nana Carolyn's house (Trishas mom). She made me homemade taters and had fluffy eggs and toast ...yum yum! She bonded with Jack while I got time to enjoy and not gulp down my meal. I eat fast these days and it was soooo nice to enjoy my Sunday breakfast with fresh orange juice! Nana C was so good with Jack, he smiled at her and he wanted her to talk to him. Everytime she looked away he would scream until she started talking to him! So funny! Aunt Trish came over after breakfast and she looked awesome! Maj and her just got back from London last week and she was skinny and dressed to the 9's as always! We talked about her trip and I wish I could fit in the suitcase...up next is Belize!!

Trish loved Jacks little legs and shoes - she couldn't get enough of him!! Nana C gave him his bottle and then he crashed in her arms! Perfect little angel!
Seems like just the other day we were sneaking out of Carolyn's house and now we are calling her Nana and getting advice about babies! hahahha I miss my shopping soon as Jack is old enough we will be showing him our favorite outlet mall in San Marcos! I can't believe I will eventually have to shop for "school clothes"....ahhh memories!!
Oh how divine....Trish knows her way to my heart! Name Brand :) Jack got his first Harrods gift all the way from London! I love it!!! Thanks Maj! We love the "magic cards" that let us shop at Harrods! xoxo

We had such a WONDERFUL trip!!!!!! Thank you all my dear sweet best friends for helping me with Jack and loving on him! Hope to see yall all again soon and to the rest of my dear Austin friends yall are next! The list is long but the best part is our little guy has a lot of loving to give! xoxoxo