Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paci and Lovie

Jack has always taken a paci since he was born, but they are the hospital ones and they are not very fashionable. My great friend Katie got Jack these personalized paci's and I have been dying to use them..however my kid had other plans until today!!! He wouldn't take these and today I tried and wallla he loves it! It doesn't come out of his mouth as easy as the hospital paci, so it sooths him for a longer period of time, plus how cute are they!?!

He also has been moving his little fingers a lot when I feed him, so our Nanny said he needs something to touch while feeding and asked if I had a lovie. I thought for a minute and remembered that my dear friend Lawren got him a giraffe lovie! We gave it to him and he is slowly starting to rub the corner! How cute! I never had a lovie when I was little, so I think its so cute that eventually he will be walking around with his little lovie in his hand.
He is getting so big and those eyes are still blue-green! I hope they stay!!!!

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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Ohhh, he looks so sweet in that picture where he's asleep with the giraffe lovie. Cute paci's!