Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jack is 2 months old today! We cant believe how fast 2 months has gone by, they say "your kid grows up tooooo fast"... well today I believe it! We pushed his 2 month visit out until Sept 9th (that is the next apt the had available) b/c I wanted Kevin to attend the visit, since they give him so many shots. Kev had to attend a meeting on the original date we had scheduled and I just didn't want to do it alone, those big tears need big Daddy to be there!

We are clueless about his weight and height today ...but we do know all these smiles make up for finding out about silly numbers!

He did the following this past month:
  • Smiled at Daddy when he came home from work
  • Recognized Buckley and smiled (he hasn't found Chico yet)
  • Got a new Nanny and LOVES her
  • Plays in his play gym for 10-15 minutes on his own observing all the toys
  • Can focus on a lot more objects (not just his favorite candle)
  • Sleeps more than 6 hours at a time during the night
  • Doesn't so much like his car seat right now
  • Takes 5 ounces of formula
  • Makes huge poops once a day (and I mean HUGE)
  • Has found his voice and is starting to make small sounds
  • Loves to look at his paintings in the nursery when getting his diaper changed
  • Got a mobile in the room and at night he self sooths to sleep
  • Sucking his hands more to self sooth
  • Looks at the pages of a the Bright Baby books for a few seconds
  • Took his first out of town trip to Austin and was an excellent baby
Wow what a list! Keep it up and you will be President by 12 years old! Happy 2 months Jack!!


Roger and Nicky said...

Precious just precious !!! Roger attends all the wellness visits too. The great thing is that we only see the doctor once a year now soley for wellness visits :)

Jane C. said...

So darling!! His eyes are beautiful!! Happy 2 months Jackson.

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Such a cute little smile! Happy two months!