Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fantasy Football

Kevin and his law school buddies are so serious about fantasy football. Myself and another wife (Sarah Fossum) love to bitch about this time of the year. We looooooose our husbands to the TV, the computer and cell they text like little girls in H.S. to their buddies during the games. One of the non money leagues (I wish they all were non money leagues!) has a prize of a real Fantasy Football RING that if they win it's customized to the winner. Yep sooo silly!!! But they think its the coolest thing since slice bread... Last year Kev won...and now he trying to teach Jackson all about FF....

He doesn't seem so interested...thank goshShoot...I spoke toooooooo soon!
He says the name of his team will be "Jack Attack" ....great now I have two little monsters!

Watch out Olson, Fossum and Gentry and all the other silly boys...he will getcha :)

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Roger and Nicky said...

I love his little expressions !!! SO CUTE :) !!