Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jack's House

We love Fall at our house, and now we have a new little member to share it with! This Halloween we will be in Hawaii, but that did not stop me from adorning the front yard with some fall foliage! I made the front door wreath last year but it was still in good shape - so we put it out amongst our other fun decor.
I am so tired...but I think it looks great, and Jack I'm sure will approve of his fall pad!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mr. Leaf

While I was pregnant with Jack we often saw our neighbors playing with their kids in their front yards, and it made Kev and I so excited that we were about to become parents....we couldn't wait to join them! So after a busy weekend we decided to sit in our front yard and play with Jack. Kevin was pointing everything out and telling him what it was called when we stumbled upon a leaf and decided to give it to him. He quickly grabbed that leaf and wouldn't let go! Mr. Leaf was Jack's, and he wasn't sharing! Check out these adorable pictures with his friend Mr. Leaf...hahaWe started to see a few mosquitoes, so we decided to head inside. When we got in, Kevin laughed and said he still is holding on to Mr. Leaf! We finally had to take it away from him when he was going to try and eat Mr. Leaf...ha ha
Signing off from a wonderful weekend!

Trey's 2nd Annual Salsa Contest

On Saturday, Trey, one of Kevin's buddies from his high school golf team had a salsa contest. You either came as a guest (which we did) or you could go all out and enter the contest. Had we know how awesome the trophies were going to be, we might have just put a little something together...lol Instead we just came to eat and be lazy! Jack was getting a little hot so he figured out how to cool himself down...

He was SO good the entire time we were at the party. There was a lot to check out so he kept himself entertained for a few hours, it was nice!

Check out all the boys day dreaming about golfing...so funny!
So the contest began...you walked around and tasted each salsa. At the end of your round you had to mark on your paper which was the best and which was the worst. I won't reveal who I picked but I will say #10 was the hotttttttttest!!

We asked Jack if he was interested and he said...no way Jose...hahaWe didn't get to stay to get the final results on who won, as we needed to pack up and get little man home for his bath and night night time. But we had a wonderful time, and who knows maybe we will have our own Strehlow Salsa Contest party next year!

Packed Weekend!

This weekend we had people to meet and places to go! Friday night Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe came over to grab dinner. We went to the usual choice...sushi! Jack was all smiles and lovey at home but wasn't all the thrilled to be at dinner with us. I had to come home early with him, lesson learned.... Jack doesn't like to be out past 7:30.
But enjoy these pictures because they sure are cute! Oh ya and thanks guys for Lumbai the Lizard (not pictured) he is so cute!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

We love our Nanny!

Nelvi is so patient, loving and loves to make Jack smile. When he wants to be held she holds him, when he wants to lay down she sings him to sleep and when he is fussy she has a magic touch to calm him. Somehow during the time she is here she manages to keep our house spotless and organized.We could not ask for a better Nanny to take care of our little boy. It will make going back to work in January so much easier for our family. Thank you to my dear husband for allowing me to have a nanny.

As one of the RHONJ ladies said it best... Happy Wife = Happy Life.

3 Months Old!!!!

Guess who is 3 months old today!?! WOW!! He is growing so fast!I tried to get Jack to smile this morning but he wasn't really interested in doing that.... He quickly gained interest in his bear that for the other months he had not really explored. I couldn't get him to focus back on me, he was too interested in this furry thing next to him!

Finally I got a smile!

  • He is sleeping like a champ! Goes down at 7:30 or 8:00 pm and sleeps until 7 am!
  • We don't have another Dr. apt until 4 months so not sure on the weight/height but he is gaining for sure!
  • Grabbing more toys and trying to take them to his mouth
  • I think we got a small laugh today on his 3 month birthday but no real belly laugh yet, we cant wait for those!
  • Goes out to eat with Mommy and Daddy and is a GOOD little boy. He either plays with this toys on his car seat or falls asleep
  • Eats 5 oz at every feeding now
  • Chews on his hands but hasn't fully found his thumb yet. On occasion he will find it, but I wouldn't call him a thumb sucker yet
  • Starting to notice his feet
  • Smiles when Buck and Chico are in his sight
  • Knows when his Daddy comes home, he smiles really big when Kevin starts to talk to him
  • Likes for me to spin the fan so he can watch it slowly go round and round
  • Has figured out that crying will get our attention...toot!
  • Adores his bath each night!!
  • Getting a little bit of fat on his legs but still has some skinny legs

Each month keeps getting more fun! Next month we head to Hawaii Aunt Stacy's wedding :) SPOILED!

Grandpa Strehlow

We were in the area near Kevin's parents house so we decided to drop by and say hi! Grandma Strehlow was out golfing so we hung out with Grandpa. Jacks eyes some days look bright blue, if they stay that way we have one sweet Grandpa to thank! I adore this picture!
Generations of love!

Baby Bjorn

Today I wanted to try something other than the stroller for our daily walk. I pulled out the baby bjorn that my cousin Steph got us. It was easy to put together and felt pretty good on, so I took Mr. Jack and strapped him in. As you can see he was not a happy camper! Look at that face!!!!! Funny enough I really didn't know he was making this face until I downloaded the pictures, because he wasn't really crying.

I walked him around the house to make sure he wasn't going to scream if I took him outside for a walk. He started to warm up to the idea and was looking all around. I took him on a 20 min walk around our area and he LOVED this thing! He was so alert for the first 15 minutes, making little cooing sounds while turning his head looking at the trees and houses.

The last 5 mins of the walk I didn't hear him making much noise so I turned to a car to see in the mirror to see what he was doing, and he was asleep!!!So we came back in the house and took a picture of this precious baby.

I think we shall do this again and again!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mornin' Sunshine!

Good Morning Blog Readers :) We LOVE the mornings!

He is soooooooo cute if you wake him up right when he is starting to get up, he will give you smiles for miles!

Starting to get really excited!! What does this day have in store for me?!?! I'm 2 months 3 weeks old and soooooooo ready for my day!