Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trey's 2nd Annual Salsa Contest

On Saturday, Trey, one of Kevin's buddies from his high school golf team had a salsa contest. You either came as a guest (which we did) or you could go all out and enter the contest. Had we know how awesome the trophies were going to be, we might have just put a little something Instead we just came to eat and be lazy! Jack was getting a little hot so he figured out how to cool himself down...

He was SO good the entire time we were at the party. There was a lot to check out so he kept himself entertained for a few hours, it was nice!

Check out all the boys day dreaming about funny!
So the contest walked around and tasted each salsa. At the end of your round you had to mark on your paper which was the best and which was the worst. I won't reveal who I picked but I will say #10 was the hotttttttttest!!

We asked Jack if he was interested and he way Jose...hahaWe didn't get to stay to get the final results on who won, as we needed to pack up and get little man home for his bath and night night time. But we had a wonderful time, and who knows maybe we will have our own Strehlow Salsa Contest party next year!

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