Friday, July 31, 2009

We love the weekend!!!!

Its Friday and time for Daddy to come home from work and go out for dinner!!! Tonight its Goode & Co for some ritas! I had my first drink in over a year tonight...lets just say after two sips I was already feeling it! How pathetic!! I could only drink half of my drink. I gave the rest away to Kev and Stacy. Guess I'm a cheap date these days :)
Aunt Stacy had a meeting at Baylor in the med center so she came over after she was done and joined us for dinner. Thanks for coming to hang with us and for drinking the rest of my rita :)
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Workin the midnight oil....

Kev had some work to do and Jack didnt want to go to sleep for me. So Kev put on the Baby Bjorn and did double duty! Nice job Dad!! Thanks for letting me get some sleep :) xoxo

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I love PJ's!!

As a little girl one of my favorite thing was my pajamas, I loved them!!! If I could wear them to church I think I probably would have :)
So when I was pregnant I searched high and low for precious sweet pj's for our little guy. These little ones are my absolute favorite, they are still a little big, but I just had to put him in them!
He wasn't thrilled about them at first as you can see but I finally got him to sleep after a while :)
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grandma time......

Kudos to grandma for getting me this adorable outfit so that I am certain that everyone knows my name! :)
She came to visit us today and watched Jack for a little while so that I could go to the grocery store. I so wanted to go get a massage but I didn't have enough time, maybe next week when the Nanny is here. I'm sooooo sore! He is getting heavy!!
I adore these pictures of my mom with Jackson..and I must say the one of her looking down at Jackson totally looks like me looking down at my son! We look alike in that picture for sure!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Sweet Honey Bee!

Well last night we got some sleep!!! WHOOT WHOOT! Jack slept from 8pm - 12 am and then from 12:30 am - 3: 30 am and then again from 5:30 am-7:45am!!! Thank gosh! I also took a nap when the nanny came and I feel so much better! I purchased this little outfit in SanFran when I was visiting my friend Kristin. I adore this little outfit and the booties are from Edith and the blanky too!
He started loosing some hair up front so he kinda looks like a wrinkly old man or Benjamin Button...hahaha
I love the bottom right picture, he totally has some Jess attitude going on!!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OMG Im sooo tired .....

Just when I thought things were going great, Jack has decided that he doesnt want to sleep in his bed anymore. He fusses night and day and just wont ever go to sleep unless we come up with 8 million things before 1 works.....
Right now I have to feed him, then put him in the BabyBjorn take him for a walk while he falls asleep and then carefully take him out and put him in the swing so that he stays asleep...
Please tell me this phase ends soon? I want him to go to sleep in his bed again, even if its just a few hours at a time like before......

Oh got to go b/c guess what little toot is waking up again......


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey little guy you are one month old today! You have given us a fun month :

  • Bath time adventures (pooping right after we bathe you)
  • The funny fishy face
  • Ninja kicks!!!
  • Mr. wrinkles forehead
  • Being a big boy holding on to your passie
  • Getting angry at mommy for not giving you milk
  • Smiling when you get your diaper changed
  • Moving from the bassinet to your big boy bed
  • Loving the car ride to Gma/Gpa Strehlows
  • Smiling when mommy tells you where your nose and mouth are
  • Loving your classical music
  • Being such a good boy at your first eating out: Sweet Mesquite
  • Sleeping like an angel with your first babysitter: Gma King
  • Looking at your flashcards and watching the pages turn of GoodNightMoon

We look forward to all the months ahead of fun, the things you will learn and the people you will meet!


Mom and Dad

Like Father ....Like Son

Thanks Grandma Strehlow for putting this collage together of these sweet pictures!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perfect Little Angel!

Kevin and I took Jack to his 4 week check up, he is PERFECT! Dr. Janet Pate said that he is doing so well and he is gaining and growing on track. Today he weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz!! (25 % amongst other boys his age), and he is 21 - 3/4 " long (50% amongst other boys his age). So we are growing fast! Here are some pictures with Dr. Pate and some close up shots of those pretty blue eyes....maybe they will stay, we shall see!
Thank you god for this amazing blessing of a healthy and happy little boy!
Happy 4 weeks baby Jack !!

Mom and Dad
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King of the Castle!!!

The little man rules the house, so I thought it be appropriate to put him in his King for the Day outfit...thanks Debbie, Travis and Wes! The outfit it so fitting :)
I'm still loving the wrinkle face he makes, he looks just like Daddy when he does it! I tried to sit him up in the chair and he was doing actually ok, he is just getting to cute and big for words! Today we go to his 4 week checkup with Dr. Pate! I cant believe he is already 4 weeks - time does fly!!! Slow down little man! I don't want you to grow up so fast! Mommy enjoyed snuggling in bed with you this morning!! Love you Jack :)
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Surprises, Seersucker and Aunt Mandi

Surprises, Seersucker and Aunt just cant get any better!
We had so much fun today, we soooooo miss you and wish you lived in Houston! Thank you for coming to see me and we can not wait to find out in 5 weeks if we are getting a girlfriend or golf buddy....Congrats sweetie! We love ya mucho!
Jess and Jack
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Some of my fav things!!!!

Here are two of my most favorite things....

GoodNight Moon.........classic! So awesome that I get to be a mom now and share it with our little sweet boy!

Jacksons fishy face.... He loves to make this face and I just love it!!!!!
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Nerdy Baby....

We love these Nerdy Baby flash cards that Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe got us.....I'm pretty certain his first word shall be Glaciation.........ah yes friends I foresee a National Spelling be champ 2017!!! Get ready Washington DC!

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"Oh" my we are 23 days old!!

Poppin collars just like Daddy.....
I love how both Jack and I have the "Ohhhhh" face going on .....he is getting so big!!!
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Great Grandma Nanie

It's hard for me to think that there is a great grandma! But thats what my Nanie is to our sweet little Jack. It's such a blessing for her to be able to hold and be here to witness such a little miracle. We look forward to many more years ahead with you Nanie and we hope you adore your time with Jackson just as much as I do with you. Thank you for putting up with your grand daughter, aka, Stressy Jessy. We love you Nanie!!! xoxo Jess Kev and Jack!
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Star Pizza and I Dont Got to Wear Pants No Mo'......

Ok we had SO much fun guys!! Thanks Ivan, Angie, John and Heather for such a laughable night!! Oh and the pizza!!! Yumm...we havent had Star Pizza in forever, it was for sure a treat! We still cant stop singing the I Dont Got to Wear Pant No Mo' remix by Ivan..... its super catchy and Im thinking we could be your manager, we know people ya know....

Thanks again for such a fun night!!!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Jackson - 20 days old. He did such a good job during bath time. We still have to give him wash downs until is belly cord falls off, then we can move to the big boy tub that we have for him. He was so good tonight!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Rodeo Round Up!

Thanks JaneE for the adorable outfit and the perfect matching blanket. Its the softest thing ever, and how cool that it came from etsy. I seriously can not get enough of that place! Now that I'm at home most of the time I'm always on there looking at the baby stuff. You are too sweet and hope you and the fam have a wonderful stay in Alabama, cant wait to check out pictures when you return! Hutch got his first wings!! Here is a pic of Jack already chillaxin with his blanky!