Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trucks, Good Eats, and Nanie lovin'

 Jack is down for a nap, though a little late...because we were just having too much fun today.

The morning started off by waking up early and heading to the Woodlands for Touch-a-Truck. Its a free event where they bring all sorts of big trucks to Creekside and allow the kids to touch, honk and turn the wheel however they may want! Jack I think was a little tired from the long car ride over there, so he wasn't as happy as he usually is to see big trucks. The other thing was those sirens and big rig horns are LOUD, so I think it was causing baby boy to get nervous. Daddy had to go in most of the trucks with him but we still had a great time and loved that Aunt Stacy got to join us too!

Hey Mom, I'm trying to fight a fire here, can you put the camera down please?
Aunt Stacy liked the firetruck the best :)
Some of the lines were long, so we just looked at those :)

That white bus was a decked out tailgating bus!
Texas doesn't mess around when it comes to football & BBQ!

After the trucks Stacy took us over to for lunch and it was soooo good! I had the salad bar, Kevin and Stacy had burgers ...and little Jack had sweet potato fries with a fancy grilled cheese!

Once we finished our great lunch we took the quick drive to see Jacks Great Grandmother and her cat Andy. Jack loves that cat and his toys. Andy was watching Jack very carefully while he was playing with Andy's toys!

Such a fun morning and we still have half the day left! Thanks Aunt Stacy for meeting us out and Nanie for having us over,  we love yall!

new school

When we were told by Jackson's current school that they would be moving towards a full day (5xweek) school, offering no part time...I was devastated. We ADORE his school, the staff and the wonderful diverse mix of children. I sulked for a little while, called the director of the school and begged her to change her mind. But of course the board had already made this choice, there was no changing.
After a few days I set out to find a new school. My first and only tour (had all my eggs in one basket) was St. Martins, its closer to our house, and from the outside it looked beautiful. When I took the tour, lead by a current parent, I was in love. It was similar to where we are now, and even had a few more bonus items..such as gym class with a PE director hired just to teach in the gym, longer chapel time, potty training, teeth brushing (after lunch) and even Moms night out! They too have catered lunches (huge bonus) and the staff was so very welcoming. Our neighbor across the street attends and she boast about how much her sweet little girl loves going there. As well this is of the pre-schools that is good for getting into the private education such as St. Johns or if you have a girl, Duchesne Academy. I'm not sure if we will go that route, but its nice to have the added bonus.
We got the official letter this morning that let us know we were accepted! Relief! I know there were more applicants than spots this year, so my persistence paid off!  I never thought trying to get my kid into a Day School would be this stressful, what will I do when we apply to colleges? I might be wearing a wig by then since I probably wont have any hair! But hey I've seen some cute wigs out there, ha!

We are sad to leave Bethany, but we know great things are ahead at this beautiful, loving, brilliant, accredited school/church! It will be home to our 2 year old next year. Can you believe in 4 months we will have a 2 year old? 

 Can you imagine a bunch of 2 year olds sitting on front row, sounds just perfect to me!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Texan Day

 I took off a few hours from work to attend Jacks school Rodeo day. They had the cutest little activities set up for the kids in the gym, and yummy trail food for the kids outside. What a fun day!

                                   Nelvi got him dressed, and he was sure checkin himself out!

Here he was diggin for gold! They took rocks,  glittered them and buried them in sand for the kids! They are really so creative at BMWS!

Then it was over to lasso the bull...but Jack was not interested in this.
He was more interested in checking out the stick horse racing!

There was also limbo set up for the kids. 
He watched a few of the big kids do the hat toss....
                                            ...and so he started to try it himself

                            .....but he decided it was easier to toss it on his head :) ha!
Last was branding the cow... They took kitchen tater mashers and let the kids ink them up and then stamp the cow, another clever little idea!

After the activities in Gym Hall, we went outside to play with the hay!

After all that horsin' around, it was time to eat! They had corn dog bites, apples and frito's for the kids and then frito pie for the adults. I purchased a salad before we went, but that chili sure smelled good!

With lunch still in his mouth, he just had to go check out the photo booth!
I'm pretty sure this little cowboy had a fun time....
                 ...kickin' around on Go Texan Day! I know I had fun watching you sweet boy!