Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Texan Day

 I took off a few hours from work to attend Jacks school Rodeo day. They had the cutest little activities set up for the kids in the gym, and yummy trail food for the kids outside. What a fun day!

                                   Nelvi got him dressed, and he was sure checkin himself out!

Here he was diggin for gold! They took rocks,  glittered them and buried them in sand for the kids! They are really so creative at BMWS!

Then it was over to lasso the bull...but Jack was not interested in this.
He was more interested in checking out the stick horse racing!

There was also limbo set up for the kids. 
He watched a few of the big kids do the hat toss....
                                            ...and so he started to try it himself

                            .....but he decided it was easier to toss it on his head :) ha!
Last was branding the cow... They took kitchen tater mashers and let the kids ink them up and then stamp the cow, another clever little idea!

After the activities in Gym Hall, we went outside to play with the hay!

After all that horsin' around, it was time to eat! They had corn dog bites, apples and frito's for the kids and then frito pie for the adults. I purchased a salad before we went, but that chili sure smelled good!

With lunch still in his mouth, he just had to go check out the photo booth!
I'm pretty sure this little cowboy had a fun time....
                 ...kickin' around on Go Texan Day! I know I had fun watching you sweet boy!



Roger and Nicky said...

What an ADORABLE day !!! I love that Nelvi also dressed in theme. She is so AWESOME :)

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

Oh my gosh, how cute

Looks like he had a great time

Jane said...

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love!!!! What a great day!

cMe said...

Such CUTE activities!!

He was doing some serious primping in that first picture!! He might take after Aunt Chas a little in that department.

e8ght888 said...

Going through all these cute photos and reading your cool comments makes me feel like I was there! I had almost as much fun as Jack did!! Thanks for the great post!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

OMG, he's too cute! Love the cowboy boots picture!