Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July

We have been really lucky to find the perfect 4th of July spots several years in a row all in different places but each year we just have a blast! This year we are in a new house and so we wanted to find something near by without having to deal with the entire city of Houston.

 A couple of our friends told us about the Memorial Villages parade and festival so we decided to pack up and check it out. Hands down this was the best festival we have been to for the 4th, it was so organized and had so many things for the kids.

 Can we get any cuter? I think not! All American little love!

 There were 7 bounce houses and then an additional 2 bounce slides with water

 Everyone was dressed in red, white and blue...even this adorable dog!

 Jack took a few jumps on the bounce house but then headed straight for the games!

 This is what Dads are for :)

 It was hot outside but they had 4 different snow cone stations throughout the event so the lines never were long at all! Which is perfect when you have impatient little toddlers :)

 Nothing beats a good frank on the 4th!

 Back to games and jumps :)

 I love how all the parade bikes were decorated so cute :)

Trains and Firetrucks for the boys!

 and of course watermelon for all!

 Did you think we were done? Nope we found horses too!

 After a busy morning we came back home to nap and then packed back up and met up with the Borski family at the Houston Racquet Club for pool times, drinks and dinner.

 Our last stop was Houston Country Club for an amazing firework show!
In the golf cart heading over with all our little loves :) 
 The fireworks were so so so good and something really amazing happened... but first we had to find our spot. We tried the chairs but the kids were a little wild so we found a spot on the green and let the wild banshees run free :) 

We had a few drinks and enjoyed being with our friends and seeing the kids just running around, it was the picture perfect 4th in my book. 
And this is why Kevin and I had a big smile on our face...

So the fireworks started..

 and we were not sure if we were going to be able to stay because of Jackson's aversion to really loud noise due to his sensory processing issues. We had not been able in years past to stay for the fireworks but were ok with that given we knew it just was too much for our little guy. But this year our sweet boy covered his ears and looked up. Kevin and I both were stunned, he was watching the fireworks!!! But it gets better...

.... after a few minutes he leaned over to tell Blake something and then realized he didn't need to cover his ears. He was ok with the loud noise and it was as if something went off in his head that excited him that he was free from holding his ears. He started dancing to the music and wiggling all around while watching the show. I had my iPhone in hand and was snapping away at what was happening!
He sat back on his Dads legs 
and watched the finale boom in the sky and we couldn't have been prouder of Jackson. 
What a wonderful 4th it was!!