Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nesting continues......

So we received this wonderful piece of pottery from Sarah Edgerton as a gift. We have been using it in the backyard as a fountain but not as a seamless fountain. I had been using a fountain that I made out of bamboo, which was really cute but ..... living in Houston if you don't have enough flowing water, mosquitoes shall use your fountain as a hatch fest! So I decided to hire someone to move the fountain to the front of the house and create this seamless fountain/landscape spot. He started yesterday and finished this afternoon. We currently have guests (Sarah and Andy Fossum) staying with us for the Maple-Ferguson wedding that is happening tonight (wooot woot, cant wait!!) so it wasn't the best time to do the project, but at least it is done! I love it and it feels good to check a box off my list of things to do before Jack arrives.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its coming together......

The drapes are up! We purchased the french armoire from an antique store over the weekend and it really compliments the old world charm of the crib and dresser (not pictured).
Plus it gets all his stuff up and out of sight. He already has so much!
We are waiting on the art work to come from Andrea Burden... three paintings of pure delight!!! Her stuff is aaaaamazing and will really complete the room.

Until then here is what we have so far, enjoy :)

So for some reason I cant comment on my own page to laugh at my friend JaneE's comment...yes I fully expect to walk into his room one morning and have him hanging like a monkey from the
chandelier and poop to have been slung all over the top rafter silk valance.... lmao....Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Today is Kevin's birthday!!! I waited to post this until the end of the day so that he wouldn't see what Jack and I did for him :)
We did cupcakes the Jessica way = Buy plain cupcakes + sleeve of bakery icing in the color you want. (Randall's is my friend)
Thennnnnnnnnn you go home ice them and put the TLC into them yourself. I purchased the little golf set from Michael's Craft store and put these babies together in about 10 minutes. Super cute and done just the way I want :)

Jackson got daddy a diaper bag and inside the diaper bag is a present from mommy. I got Kevin a pair of preppy lobster shorts. I already wrapped them so I couldn't take a picture, but I'm sure he will wear them soon so that I can snap a shot.

Tonight we are going to Fudruckers - b/c that's what Daddy wants. So cheap eats all around!

Happy Birthday! Love Jess and Jack

He got home and loved everything! Shorts and all - so he put them on and we are off to Dinner!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Went to Dr this morning ...Maybe it was the honey...Dr is not sure... But its not cholestasis of pregnancy - whew!

But we do have a porker stewing in me! He is measuring size ahead of we go in for an ultrasound June 5th to see if we are moving the due date up.....


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Most Moms will say "keep dreaming" to this post :)

Well....the bedroom is ready...So while we await our custom duds for Jacks room from Bella Boutique and Drapery Cottage to ship from TN....we at least have our bassinet set up in the master bedroom. My Dad purchased it for us and I loveeeeeeeee it! If you are saying its a little girly...well that about sums up my entire house so I just like to think of his bassinet as being sweet not girly :) It's matches our bedroom perfectly!

For the moms out there that say "white" and snicker.....well it's my first so let me be in lala land for a little while ok?! Its like when I was in Babies R Us and was complaining that the little play gym things all were so bright, and didn't they make one with teals and creams to match my house and better yet why cant they be removable fabric so that I can monogram it?! Yes J. Winters can vouch that these silly words came out of my mouth and all the mothers on the isle started giggling with Winters. However silly things aside I realize that things wont match, and of course I will not be depriving my son of all his bright toys. I realize they need the stimulation and I'm of course going to be the good mommy and let him have them all...
BUT in my lala land we will have a chest to pack them all nice and neat away for when company comes over so mommy can get her house back for a short time and of course we can't wait for our little toot to sleep like a perfect little

Family time is GREAT :)

Stacy (Kevs sister) and Gloria (Kevs mom) hosted an intimate family shower on Saturday at Joe and Stacys house. It was so good to get together one last time before our little man arrives! The fun started at 2pm ....we walked in the house and it was decorated SO CUTE!!! From the large stork to the adorable toile decor. It was so sweet and just lovely! Joe, mom and Stacy cooked up some yummy finger foods, they all were delish! We looked at the present table and wondered how all those gifts could come from just a few people!! But alas its a Strehlow event, and if you haven't seen the pictures or heard me talk about our Christmas time functions well then I'm sure you will soon. They always are wayyyyy too generous and spoil us to the core! My Mom and Grandma also joined and spoiled us with more gifts too! I cant imagine anything else this kid will need! He is set!!!
Here are a few pictures from the shower - thanks Stacy and Gloria for hosting a lovely time as always!
Jess, Kev and Jack

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Itching Itching Itching!

So last Friday night Kev and I went to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner. I had not been there in forever and I forgot they give you that huge yummy loaf of bread, to which I quickly ripped open to eat! While eating I thought yummm some honey would be really good on this bread. So I asked and I received....
Sat morning I woke up and seriously could not stop itching all over my entire body. Where I was itching I was making red marks all over me, to which at first I thought it was a rash, but there wasn't a rash just itching EVERYWHERE! Imagine as if you had poison ivy and nothing took the itching away. Sat night we had plans to adorn our friends Christina and George with a booze shower at the Sava's house. So we attended and had a blast, it was actually was a good thing to get my mind off the itching! However just as soon as we got home I started crying it was so bad that I couldn't take it anymore. I tried laying down but couldn't sleep, it was awful! So we decided to high tail it to the minor ER. Which was actually pretty quiet except for the drunk frat boys who came in all bloody. They were comical and took my mind of the itching for a brief moment. We were called in to the room pretty fast and we explained that the only thing that I ate that I don't usually eat was honey. The ER nurse proceeded to tell me about how her uncle almost died eating honey... not really want I want to hear lady when I'm in the They ended up giving me two shots right in the buttocks! YUCKY! I went to see my OB Dr on Monday and she tested me for Cholestasis. So we are waiting the results of that and hope that we don't have it. Its an issue with your liver and needs to be tended to right away. So if we have to have Mr. Jack early we shall do so! Any who it ended up being a nice weekend as Mothers Day the family came over for lunch and we all hung out. Ill keep everyone updated on the results and hopefully it was truly just the honey!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

31 amazing weeks!

So here we are at 31 weeks, and it seems like just yesterday we were finding out ! I never thought I would get to being so close and now the weeks are just flying by...
We went on Friday to see Dr. Strehlows new office, and get a peak at Jackson! Stacy let us know that Jack has officially turned south! Kevs mom and Dad also attended, this was the first ultrasound they had ever seen in person!! It's hard to believe that back in the day you just had a baby without ever seeing all of these cool pictures and not even knowing what sex the baby would be!!?!?
Here are a few of our favorite shots. Thanks sis for having us at your office!

Resting on his little arm!

Sleepy Night Night Yawn!!!