Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Today is Kevin's birthday!!! I waited to post this until the end of the day so that he wouldn't see what Jack and I did for him :)
We did cupcakes the Jessica way = Buy plain cupcakes + sleeve of bakery icing in the color you want. (Randall's is my friend)
Thennnnnnnnnn you go home ice them and put the TLC into them yourself. I purchased the little golf set from Michael's Craft store and put these babies together in about 10 minutes. Super cute and done just the way I want :)

Jackson got daddy a diaper bag and inside the diaper bag is a present from mommy. I got Kevin a pair of preppy lobster shorts. I already wrapped them so I couldn't take a picture, but I'm sure he will wear them soon so that I can snap a shot.

Tonight we are going to Fudruckers - b/c that's what Daddy wants. So cheap eats all around!

Happy Birthday! Love Jess and Jack

He got home and loved everything! Shorts and all - so he put them on and we are off to Dinner!


Jane C. said...

Fudruckers is a favorite of Les' and the kids....we go there a lot :). Cute stuff! Love the cupcakes!!!

Averill said...

Hah! We went to Fudruckers for Dave's birthday (May 12), too! ;)

By the way, those cupcakes are darling!

Maple said...

Love the cupcakes- what a great idea!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

YUMMY cupcakes! I love how you decorated them! TOO CUTE! I did that for Christian's birthday, too, where I ordered plain cupcakes and a sleeve or two of frosting so the kids could decorate them themselves! So fun.