Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Tonight we drove out to Prestonwood Forest off 249 to look at Christmas lights. We had a quick dinner with just the three of us and then headed back home to get Jack ready for Santas arrival!
We got our Christmas pjs on and made sure to set out cookies and milk.

 Jack needed to "test out" the milk he poured for Santa...ha ha ha toot!

 We did one last goodbye to our friend Everett the Elf. He has been watching Jackson for 24 days and Mommy and Daddy are plum wore out from helping him "move to a new spot" each night. The last night we had him flying with a super hero cape on from the ceiling. I think we went out with a bang, and so now he shall go to sleep for a year and we look forward to our creative hats coming back on next year. It really was so fun watching Jack get up every morning searching for the elf.
Oh and props to the best Dad for helping Santa put together his gifts that he dropped down the chimney!
 A new tent for our buckaroo and an 8 foot race track for his cars!
 How cute is this tent pattern! I love it and I know Jackson is going to have a ball in it! With a monogram on the front it will be the perfect little indoor fort!
Hope Santa is delivering for your loves right now too!


Strehlow/Ferguson annual holiday affair

First I must say how lucky we are to have such great grandparents to allow Kevin and I to have a break from time to time. From my Dad & Edith watching Jack for a week in FL, to Kevin's parents countless times coming over to bring dinner and play and to my amazing Mom for several sleepovers with Jack!
We are so very lucky to have such a supportive family. 
We hosted our annual Christmas party at our friends home in South Hampton and it was such great night to mingle and end the night with a sleepover with a ton of responsible friends (no drinking and driving!)
Thank you to the Ferguson's for opening their lovely home for such a fun Christmas gathering. 

 It was great to hire a bartender to make the drinks for our guests so that we were free to do other things!
We do make some lovely hostesses if I do say so myself

 Kevin's beautiful sister and brother in law

 Love all these ladies! Such great people in my life!
 Where is the mistletoe?!
 as you can see someone was ready for bed at this point! Merry Christmas to all and thank you for allowing Mommy and Daddy to have a night out! xo


River Oaks

Since I moved to Houston I always make it a point to one night stroll through River Oaks to check out all the amazing tree displays they have. This year we went to dinner with Jacks buddy Wes at Escalantes in Highland Village. We then dropped off baby Will with the Dads and the Moms along with the toddlers took a drive through River Oaks. We got out to greet Santa and run under a few trees that were just delightful! 
So much fun with these two, I only wish we could take them with us to our new house! 


Bass Pro Shop

 I had never step foot in a Bass Pro Shop.. its certainly very much a Texas hunting/fishing kinda place, and I wasn't so sure about it once I walked in...but we ended up having a lot of fun. They had a great set up for Santa Wonderland (though we didn't wait in line to see Santa given we had already met him a few times) it was very hands on (and free) for the kids. Lots of crafts and activities for them to play around with. 

So heck y'all we might just call Bass Pro Shop another Strehlow tradition from now on. :) 


Christmas Yall..Texas style

 Every year our friends The Blockers open up their house to let all our kids run wild in their beautiful house decorated for Christmas. They live in a neighborhood which does amazing lights! Mr. Blocker spends all day getting the truck/trailer/hay ready to carry all the families around on a Texas Christmas hayride to check all the amazing light displays. It really is one of my most favorite things about December! The wine flows for the adults while the kids run up and down the stairs 100 times. Its the one night you just kinda let your kids  "tough" it out with the other cookie eating kids in the house. ha
 It is the best holiday open house of the year! Thank you so much H&S!

 A picture of all the kids before the parents loaded up! ....and off we go!

 Jack LOVED all the lights!
 and if you look closely you will see some fresh bathed little babies staring at us, it was the cutest thing ever!