Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

 As you can see we are catching up on our blogging, life has been a little crazy with our upcoming move which I will post about in the next few weeks, I am excited to share all that we have coming!

Today though it was about just relaxing here at the house and enjoying the backyard for the few short weeks we still have her ...and doing so with a few friends!

Nothing beats cold beer, Zac Brown Band playing on the radio, American flags in your yard, walmart kiddie pools, football playin Dads, water balloons with your friends, confetti poppers and cherry pie!

It was a pretty fun afternoon! Hope you are having a family/friend filled Memorial Day yourself!


Our little friend Georgia

 There is one thing I am not short on in life and that is beautiful strong and loving friends by my side. I can only hope that Jack will be blessed with the same, and I know he will be because all my friends have my most precious kids! I met Chasity through the junior league and we became fast friends. I was there when she had little miss Georgia (after delivery wearing heels, no lie) and we were so excited to attend her first birthday and her low country boil!

We of course had to be dressed for the occasion, which is a must for any southern low country boil  :)

 This way to one fun party...
cutest little pretties!
 Jack started out just playing in the sand all the while having his eye on the other pool with water. I reminded him we did not have our swim suit so that he just would have to play in the sand....
 But there were too many cute girls that he needed to show off for... so I kept my eye on him as they were all just playfully splashing
 Meanwhile I was talking with the birthday girl and her grandmother and a few other friends...

 when I looked over and saw that my son had his feet in the water... ok no big deal, he was having fun, but I reminded him that we didn't have a swim suit...
 ..but sometimes when you are 2 (turning 3!) it's really hard to listen when you just LOVE water. Once he was in there was no stopping him or all the other littles from getting in there with smocked clothes...ha
They had a blast and it was pretty funny watching Jack dive bomb into the baby pools with full clothes on..stinker!
 The food was perfection and the weather was beautiful
 After everyone had some bites we went inside for cake and presents. Oh my she is so cute!

 Jack meanwhile was off playing in Georgias room and making himself right at home...ha
 Happy Birthday little friend, we look forward to many celebrations together as you and Jack grow up!


Happy Birthday Daddy

  When I met Kevin and we started dating, one of the things that I loved about him, was his patience. I knew from the start he would be an amazing father and I could only be so lucky to marry him. He is indeed the best. He doesn’t ask for much and in return gives the world. I am madly in love with him and if you have been around Jack you can for sure see he is too!
We adore you Daddy and we hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

Good Morning kisses on your birthday are pretty special!

Kevins parents took him out for a yummy super dinner at Gringos.. Jack was a happy camper because his favorite food is rice and beans!

Then a few nights later we did a date night with just the two of us at RDG Cafe Annie

And as if that wasn't enough good food, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe took us for an amazing birthday treat to the new  restaurant called Triniti for the 8 course meal which was absolutely fantastic!

 Cheers to another birthday to one amazing father and husband!