Saturday, March 28, 2009


So we have been staying in Sugarland for a few weeks with Kevin's parents until all the construction/renovation at our house is done. We are jazzing up the house for Jack :) We also are enjoying the home cooked meals from Gloria!

Any who so the other night while at dinner (we went out instead of mom cooking) I noticed this kids shop across the way. I made note of it so that I could go back later. So today I stopped by AND boy and I'm sure glad I did AND Kevin should be glad we are not having a girl. Everything in Latte Tots was so darn cute, from monogrammed dresses to ruffled butt panties...she had it all! There was not a large boy section but the stuff she did have was right up my ally. So I got to talking to the owner and I told her that I was having a boy and while I am so excited, the boys clothes just are not as cute as the girls. I went on to tell her that the only thing I like are "jon-jons", to which she said oh yes my son was in those all the time. Her husband however called them "gay-gays" and he told her when their son turned 3 he was no longer allowed to wear them. I told Kevin the story and his response was "Jack isn't making it to 3"

Soooooo to my unborn son, Ill try to keep you looking adorable in your "jon jons" aka "gay-gays" for as long as mommy can get away with it! Plus we can't be wasteful, mommy has already purchased so many of them...check them out :) Oh and to make Daddy happy we got a Vandy jon-jon for game day!

Diaper Bags....

So I had been searching for the perfect diaper bag. I looked at all the high end bags such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc etc....but nothing got my attention that I just had to have. Then I found this site called

I fell in love with the bags she had! Esp this one... but then I started thinking more and more and I really didn't think Kevin would like to carry this bag and the bottom of it does not have a pad or liner to it to keep it from getting dirty. Although I still think it to be so stinkin cute I opted not to get it. So here I was a diaperbag-less mommy...until one afternoon while having lunch with Kevin. There we were sitting at Escalantes when I saw the perfect bag in tow of another mom. I had never seen it before and tapped the shoulder of the lady and said I love that bag, who makes it.... I jotted down Mia Bossi and couldn't wait to get home to google it! I don't even think I finished the yumm-0 white queso that I ordered just so I could get home to rush to the internet. So while researching the bag I started noticing that lots of celebs own it and of course if you know me that made me smile. After getting over the sticker shock I found it for the cheapest price I could and said I'm getting it.
So here she is....such a beauty and I can't wait to start using it! Jack will have one hip mom, but we all knew that he wouldn't have any less.....

It's official we have started a BLOG

Welcome to my attempt at keeping up with the Joneses. I hope to keep this up as so many of my friends have adorable blogs for their I only thought it be appropriate to start one for our little stinker who is on the way.

Jackson Lane Strehlow is set to arrive sometime in June or July 2009. We are thrilled about becoming parents but are now starting to realize in just 15 short weeks we will have a KID! Earth to Kev and need to get your butts in gear!
So there we have it our first entry....and our first posted picture of our adorable mini-me Kevin.
(Jack at 23 weeks)