Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun day!

 Perfect day, though I don't have many pictures, we were too busy having fun! Jack and I started off the morning by joining my friends Heather & Elizabeth with their kids to play at Stomping Ground (inside jungle gym for kids). It was a total zoo and had me a nervous nelly, but then Jack figured out the downstairs portion was fun and he didn't attempt to climb to the top, that was much better!

We got home late, so Jack finally got to take a overdue nap. I then happen to come across a great deal on a newly slip covered couch and with my neighbors help scored it for the play room. I just can't spend $$ on a fancy couch that Jack might get juice and cheetos on. So the price was right, it's practically brand new and it's perfectly girly for me! Awesome! Then of course I had to re arrange the house once I got that in the play room, and I think it all turned out perfect. 

Once Jack woke up we had Jack's best friend, Wes come over for some afternoon fun which rolled into dinner. So we all headed over with another neighborhood kid to Mission Burrito. This place is awesome because it has a playground, margaritas (if you are not on a and great tacos/burritos (I was boring with shrimp). You can eat and watch your kids run around and play, why are there not more places like this!?

It was such an awesome day! I will be MIA for a while with two work trips back to back - so I hope to get a few pictures of my sweet boy before I leave tomorrow!
                                            Kev shall hold down the fort in my absence :)         


All you need is love...

Grandpa K lives in Florida and had a "double nickles" birthday the other though we couldn't celebrate in person we surely made sure that sent grandpa a nice gift card to a restaurant in Orlando for him to celebrate on us! 

When I was talking to him on the phone wishing him a happy birthday he told me the sweetest thing. He was at the plant nursery and decided he wanted to spruce up the side of the house with some color. So he purchased three hibiscus plans and has been taking care of them for a few days. He named them from left to right, Jack, Jess, Kev.  After some TLC he said that Jack's plant started blooming like crazy! That doesn't surprise me, since this kid is full of energy that his plant would take off right away! I think its so fun that we each have a plant in Florida... I guess if we cant enjoy the amazing breeze that comes in at my Dads house, then our plants shall! But hopefully we will be out there soon to show Jack all that is amazing about Florida!

 Here are Jack Attacks flowers...
Of course my Dad taking extra special care of Jack's flowers!
                                                                 Mommy's flowers...
 and Daddy's flowers!

                                 Thanks for the love Grandpa, Happy Birthday! We love you!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Shoes

We got two new pair of Salt Water sandals because our sizes 6 had some witsy bitsy toes creeping towards the edge... so on to size 7. I love these shoes because they can go in water or sand. They are perfect for summer and I think they look so cute on Jack!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Jack came home from school today with a new toy that Nelvi picked up for him....a super cool bubble gun!
Today was also his class picture day of his Toddler C class, gosh I remember those class pictures where you had to go up on the bleachers and stand for what seemed like an hour while they got us all ready, ha! I can't wait to see how his turned out :)

 Oh and guess what I spotted today? one little curl on the back on his head, they are coming back :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A toot toot boy he is!

I always find myself saying "you are such a boy" to Jack because, well yes that is what he is... but it's so funny to me that boys are naturally drawn to rocks, stick and puppy dog tails!

                      Being a toot chasing Chico with the outdoor broom set... oh lord!
 Searching for acorns that he will later take in the house and try to put in the DVD player...

 Taking sticks and poking them through to the neighbors yard...

 Enforcing the rules of his clubhouse...

Toot Toot! Yup thats my name don't wear it out! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bayou Bend Family Day

 We have been wanting to attend the free family day at Bayou Bend for quite some time, but something always came up where we couldn't make it. Today Jack woke up just in time for us to have an hour to play before it ended. So we quickly packed up and headed over to see what all the fun was about! They had a  petting zoo, live music & crafts for the kids this month. It is a beautiful afternoon and the grounds are so amazing with all the azalea bushes in bloom!

                    You had to venture on this long swaying scary bridge across the murky bayou.... get to this beautiful garden! Its a large expansive estate that was donated to the museum and is nestled within the Memorial Park area. I was so in love, it felt like a different world!
                                 On to the petting zoo with tons of sweet little critters!

                                                           Always going for the ears!

                                      This little guy was trying to eat my shorts! ha
                                                  Wonder pets!!!
                              What a hidden little gem in the city, I cant wait for us to return!