Saturday, March 26, 2011

All you need is love...

Grandpa K lives in Florida and had a "double nickles" birthday the other though we couldn't celebrate in person we surely made sure that sent grandpa a nice gift card to a restaurant in Orlando for him to celebrate on us! 

When I was talking to him on the phone wishing him a happy birthday he told me the sweetest thing. He was at the plant nursery and decided he wanted to spruce up the side of the house with some color. So he purchased three hibiscus plans and has been taking care of them for a few days. He named them from left to right, Jack, Jess, Kev.  After some TLC he said that Jack's plant started blooming like crazy! That doesn't surprise me, since this kid is full of energy that his plant would take off right away! I think its so fun that we each have a plant in Florida... I guess if we cant enjoy the amazing breeze that comes in at my Dads house, then our plants shall! But hopefully we will be out there soon to show Jack all that is amazing about Florida!

 Here are Jack Attacks flowers...
Of course my Dad taking extra special care of Jack's flowers!
                                                                 Mommy's flowers...
 and Daddy's flowers!

                                 Thanks for the love Grandpa, Happy Birthday! We love you!


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