Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Labor Day weekend.

We enjoyed a play date this morning with our old neighbors. The Neath family actually lives in our new neighborhood now. We just need the Kozars to come join us and we would have our old crew back!
We all met up at the pool and had a BBQ! So fun to let the kids run around and wear themselves tired and that we have an extra day with our guy. Going to school 5 days a week is a long week for Jack. So glad he gets an extra day to play with us at home. :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Beach Bound

We did our 2nd annual Strehlow/George trip with the kids and had a blast! I actually planned it way before we knew about Jacks school, and was so thankful that I planned it just before we started instead of having to cancel because of school. The kids are such sweet friends and they really are so fun to watch goof around and turn into fish (they all are such good swimmers!) Funny that when we go to the "beach" the kids would rather swim in the pool, but that's ok by me! Less sand to clean off the better :) We of course took to a round of putt putt, its now not a trip to Galveston unless you pull out a putter! The weather was a little rough the first day, but there is something calming about being ocean side with a good thunderstorm brewing. We as parents also got a night out without the kids which was wonderful! We hired a babysitter and went over to the Hotel Galvez for drinks and then over to The Original Mexican for dinner. It was such a fabulous weekend, and we are so so so so thankful for Gran letting us kids use her timeshare over and over each year! I love these memories and I'm looking forward to next year when Ethan and baby Emily can join in on all our fun! 

 Waking up in the morning to a few storms
 There is a game room now so while it was a little rainy the boys played all sorts of games!

 It finally cleared up and ended up being a nice weekend! Pool bound!

Racing down the hallways is always a highlight for the kids

 Ended up being a gorgeous sky that night!
 The next day we head out for the beach to find some shells for Jacks show and tell at school

Night out for the parents!

They were all exhausted from so much fun! Just the way any parents likes it :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great day at school

Someone is pooped!!

Fun snack

Now that Jack reads just about everything I love that I'm able to write little notes in his lunch and snack bags. Gran do you remember these stickers!?!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1st day of PRE-K4

 Jack started his new school on Monday and there were so many smiles and a few tears to go with that day. Our big boy didn't have a single tear, it was all Mommy. We are so excited about this school year and all the changes, learning and new friends that will come from it. 

The first change is that we have to wake up earlier than we have ever been up (Jack and I). We are rise and shinin' at 6:30 am these days to make the 7:55 am drop off. Which means making sure that lunch is made and bags are packed on the night before is a must! 
Another change is that we have uniform now, which sounds easy, but making sure everything is clean and knowing what to wear on certain days is a full time job. So my calender will come in handy along with these clothes separators I purchased so that we can set up our week to know if we have regular uniform or mass full dress.

 Sprinkles on your eggs for a very special breakfast!

 Trying to get these pictures was a challenge! I have them printed out all the way until he is a senior in high school. Im sure his level of cooperation at pre-k will be the same when he is a senior in high school! Come on Mom!!

 I must say the uniforms are a bit not my style with the all black shoes. When he gets to kinder I think the uniform changes to khaki shorts and a polo with the school logo but we still have the black shoe problem. Middle school can wear grey shoes, so at least the new balance can come back at some point :)  

We went over to Gran and Grandpas house for dinner on Sunday and I made this quick vase at their house with a little glue, No.2 pencils and a straight vase. His teacher loved them and nothing like a little dib for teachers pet on the first day :) ha

 He still has a little bruise from a hard fall at YMCA camp a few weeks ago, its almost gone though!

 All boys :) 8 of them to be exact with one teacher and an aide. He should get amazing attention to his education!

On Tuesday morning he was sleeping at the breakfast table, poor baby was so sleepy! However he pulled it together and was ready at the door on time :)  

We started car line drop off on Tuesday and Jack was really excited to be a big boy and do this. He got right out of the car and went with the line aide, waved by and off he went. He is growing up so fast and it makes us smile that he is so confident and happy in his new school.

Looking forward to sharing more as the year progresses!