Friday, August 30, 2013

Beach Bound

We did our 2nd annual Strehlow/George trip with the kids and had a blast! I actually planned it way before we knew about Jacks school, and was so thankful that I planned it just before we started instead of having to cancel because of school. The kids are such sweet friends and they really are so fun to watch goof around and turn into fish (they all are such good swimmers!) Funny that when we go to the "beach" the kids would rather swim in the pool, but that's ok by me! Less sand to clean off the better :) We of course took to a round of putt putt, its now not a trip to Galveston unless you pull out a putter! The weather was a little rough the first day, but there is something calming about being ocean side with a good thunderstorm brewing. We as parents also got a night out without the kids which was wonderful! We hired a babysitter and went over to the Hotel Galvez for drinks and then over to The Original Mexican for dinner. It was such a fabulous weekend, and we are so so so so thankful for Gran letting us kids use her timeshare over and over each year! I love these memories and I'm looking forward to next year when Ethan and baby Emily can join in on all our fun! 

 Waking up in the morning to a few storms
 There is a game room now so while it was a little rainy the boys played all sorts of games!

 It finally cleared up and ended up being a nice weekend! Pool bound!

Racing down the hallways is always a highlight for the kids

 Ended up being a gorgeous sky that night!
 The next day we head out for the beach to find some shells for Jacks show and tell at school

Night out for the parents!

They were all exhausted from so much fun! Just the way any parents likes it :)

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