Monday, August 27, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

Sunday we had plans to just lay around the house and take it easy, we were a little blue that we were not on a jet plane to Florida, but the weather had other plans for us. However we got re scheduled and we are looking forward to blue water, sand and relaxation next week!
So as we were laying around my phone went off and I got a text asking if anyone was interested in some gratis baseball tickets compliments of The Butch Watterson Realty Group. Jack was taking a nap and Kevin was about half away I made the call to accept the offer and score some family fun once the boys woke up.

I can't tell you enough wonderful things about Constellation Field here in Sugar Land, the best way to sum it up is... we had a BALL!

 We put a plan in place, we knew there was a splash pad and huge play area for the kids, but we wanted to watch a little bit of the game first. Jack is a known wiggle worm, but he did really good and just kinda bounced between the seats we had. There were so many kids there that you didn't feel like you had to say "sit down" all the time because all the kids were jumping around. Plus having popcorn, hot dogs and candy helps hold the little ones still for a while :)

He actually watched the game for a while and often would say "come on number 19" ...or "hit that ball" .. or "come on man run" ...he had us laughing for sure. 

A little game talk between the boys :)

 The ballpark does a great job of keeping everyone entertained between innings and we got a few innings in  before I actually got antsy and decided we should go check out the rest of the park.

 There is a huge playground for the kids to climb all over and the merry go round is free for little ones. I think over 3 is $1 so nothing crazy and the rest of the play areas are free.

 But make sure you bring your suits because kids can't pass up this fun! Meredith warned us before hand and we were prepared with Jacks swim trunks and towel!
 How can you beat this... have a beer at the bar and watch your kid to your right and the ball game to your left! Daddy heaven!

 We got dressed and we were going to call it a night (how amazing is that sky?!) But Jack actually requested to go back to our seats and watch more of the game :)
 ...and I'm so glad we did, a fly ball came over to our section and a man caught it and gave it to Jackson. The sweetest thing you could ever do for a three year old boy! The man was wearing a UT shirt and we couldn't be more thankful to that longhorn gentleman for making Jacks night that much sweeter!

 If you live in Sugar Land this is a must do! Even if you live in Houston make the drive! While the Astros games are fun, this is certainly much more geared towards families and your kids will thank you!
Thank you to the Butch Watterson Team for allowing us to your season tickets and having a awesome night!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day two

No crying! Right to the table to do an activity! Go Jack!

Nap mat

I wish I had one of these to curl up in during a scheduled nap time. We ordered this off amazon, when it arrived yesterday Jack immediately unrolled it and wouldn't get out. Last night he wanted to bring it to bed and this morning cartoons were watched in it. Hopefully his teacher gets lots of snoozes from Jack in it :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dinner and a dip

We had to borrow Kevin's Dads car because the old escalade needs some work. So we decided to stay for dinner and the boys took a swim. Jack showed us a new trick and is able to walk the bottom of the pool :) It is actually starting to cool down at night and so nights in the pool are pretty relaxing for us all. Just wish Ethan was closer to splash around with Jack tonight. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012


Good boys that have nice nannys get this after school...spoiled!

First Day of school PK-3

 Hi Jackson,
Let's talk about your first day at your new school. We talked about it a lot this weekend and you were excited about meeting new friends. You woke up around 7 am and asked for Daddy to come get you. Lucky for you Daddy knew it was a big day and made you breakfast with eggs and bacon. After a quick go at your trains we got you dressed, put your backpack on and rolled up your nap mat. Given that we went to summer camp a few times at the school you knew right where we were going. I told you in the car that we were going to be big and strong and fight back any tears this morning. You looked at me and said "I'm happy", which by the way makes me happy when you tell me that :)
We walked up to the school hand in hand with a quick stop to say hello to the fish tank in the entrance. We were greeted by your Spanish teacher from summer camp and then we headed to the Horse class where Mrs. Rhonda was there to greet you. At your new school you have to put away your own folder each day and you looked really hard for your name, but I agree that it was a little tricky... you see there is are two Jacks and a Jackson in your class...but we found Jackson and got your folder tucked away. You ran to the table because there were puzzles out for you to complete. I gave you a big kiss and said I would be back soon, you asked me to stay but I told you that you had a big day planned. You looked at me with those big brown eyes and said ok :) No tears for you!
You are our sweet boy and we are so excited for this amazing year you will have to learn new things and become an independent little love.

Happy first day cutie!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Side by side

Kevins Mom came across a few pictures and for a split second got confused at what photo album she was looking at....and well side by side you can see why! Before Kevin and I had kids I would look at his baby pictures and think I hope I have a cute little kid just like him... and well I did... exactly like him :)


Little love

Jacks cousin is oh so tiny.
I really don't even remember what to do with babies, its funny how fast you forget!  
I do remember though how much you just want to the tiny little feet, little fingers and little lips!
Ethan is so adorable and we had a late night (didn't get home until after midnight) of loving on baby boy!!
Grandmas are the best!

As much as I would love Jack to notice there is a little baby around, he would rather go jump in the pool and eat popcorn! If I was three I can't say I wouldn't join him :)
Tired little cousins! Night Night