Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of school PK-3

 Hi Jackson,
Let's talk about your first day at your new school. We talked about it a lot this weekend and you were excited about meeting new friends. You woke up around 7 am and asked for Daddy to come get you. Lucky for you Daddy knew it was a big day and made you breakfast with eggs and bacon. After a quick go at your trains we got you dressed, put your backpack on and rolled up your nap mat. Given that we went to summer camp a few times at the school you knew right where we were going. I told you in the car that we were going to be big and strong and fight back any tears this morning. You looked at me and said "I'm happy", which by the way makes me happy when you tell me that :)
We walked up to the school hand in hand with a quick stop to say hello to the fish tank in the entrance. We were greeted by your Spanish teacher from summer camp and then we headed to the Horse class where Mrs. Rhonda was there to greet you. At your new school you have to put away your own folder each day and you looked really hard for your name, but I agree that it was a little tricky... you see there is are two Jacks and a Jackson in your class...but we found Jackson and got your folder tucked away. You ran to the table because there were puzzles out for you to complete. I gave you a big kiss and said I would be back soon, you asked me to stay but I told you that you had a big day planned. You looked at me with those big brown eyes and said ok :) No tears for you!
You are our sweet boy and we are so excited for this amazing year you will have to learn new things and become an independent little love.

Happy first day cutie!



CHAS said...

He is such a big boy! Hard to believe he is the same little baby you had when we met! I think he was 8 months old back then. :)

Lili said...

awww handsome baby on his first day of school!!!

Maple said...

This is such a sweet letter- I love that you're capturing these moments for him! :)