Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More presents!!

Jess & Adam stopped by tonight to deliver Jacks Christmas gifts and pick up baby Adam and Avas gifts. The twins are in Austin with Lauren this week, so Jess & Adam were baby free. They brought over my favorite, Mr. Gattis pizza. We popped open a bottle of champagne and just hung out, talking about what we want to do for our 30th birthdays and planning Jacks baptism (Jess & Adam are the Godparents to our sweet boy). We had fun tonight! Sorry Kev was so tired, poor guy has been working so much. Thanks guys for coming over and we will see yall soon!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Austin buddies!

Our friends Charles & Tammy from Austin were in Houston for a few days and came to visit us! They brought with them some really yummy burgers and we just sat around with Jack and visited. We miss our Austin friends so much and it was so nice to just hang out! Thanks guys for stopping by it was so much fun! Tammy if your arms hurt you from holding Jack while he jumped all night sorry!!! He is a jumping bean!!

"Big Boy"

Everyone that sees Jack for the first time always says oh my he is so cute and such a "Big Boy"...I always wonder what they compare him too? But then I realize he is in the 95 percentile for height, so I guess he IS A BIG BOY! Any who I just thought he looked so cute this morning and had to share our BIG BOY :) Especially since our Daddy is working on a deal that is keeping him at the office morning and night. We love you and miss you Diiiiiidy! :)

We love Nelvi - she is so good to our family!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Sick Day

Jack woke up this morning and wasn't feeling so good. We decided to use the Saturday office hours of our Pediatrician (who we LOVE) just to make sure everything was ok. Jack loves to lay on the table and bang his legs against the paper to hear the sound. Daddy was trying to tell him that he was supposed to be sick.....He said ohhhhh ok, here is my sick face... so sweet.
But we couldn't keep him with his sick face for too long he is just a happy baby, sick or not!

The Dr came in and checked our sweet boy out and had a good report, he doesn't have anything but a few little sniffles (cold) which she said some saline drops should help him breathe a little better. He did also get a weight check... and wow he is 17 lbs 3 oz!!
We got in the car to go home, he fell asleep with a smile on his face... do we have an angel or what?!

Friday, December 25, 2009


We love the holidays because our family gets together to always have the best time! Eating the yummy food, playing games, drinking champagne, and laughing until our bellies hurt! The best part of it all was sharing this with Jack! Here are a few pics from the big day! The only thing missing was Grandpa King!

Here is a little recap from the day:

Well as expected we had one heck of a Christmas! Santa came, ate the cookies and delivered the goods! You can't be a King or a Strehlow if you don't like to give. We have tried to put limits on gift giving but it failed this year. So we just embrace it and hope that we win the lottery to add an addition room to house all of these wonderful goodies!
Jack opened about 2 or 3 of his gifts and then he was ready for a nap, but he had fun and loved the paper and bows..ha ha
Ha ha the presents were often bigger than him!!
Dad he LOVES his laptop! He played with it all day!!! He figured out how to press the buttons within seconds! SO SMART!!All presents aside, it was such a great time to get together with our family and enjoy the time with Jack.

Family photo of the day, Jack was done!
He loved the beads on Grandma Strehlows shirt! So cute!Kev and Stacy
Mom and Nanie spoiled us all!! WOW! Thanks Uncle G for babysitting so that we could relax!
While Grandpa Strehlow took a nap on the couch we filled up our glasses and played a few games... our favorite!
Joe and Stacy laughing at one of the many protests during the game I'm sure! ha ha haJack took a nap next to the fireplace in Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joes room, how nice!
When he woke up he had a little fun play with Choxie, adorable!!We then loaded up the car, said goodbye/thank you/ I love you and headed back to our house...thank gosh we had enough room for Jack...ha ha

Merry Christmas Ya'll


Today on Christmas Jack is 6 months old! We are so in love with this little guy, he is the LIGHT of our LIFE! Parenthood is always a challenge but the best one we have ever been given! What a joy! These photos are so cute and he is just getting so tall! Finally his legs have just a little chunk to them, but we will take it!

What an amazing kiddo he is, check out everything he is doing:
  • Forumla feeds 7-8 oz per feeding
  • Started rice cereal
  • Started solids - so far he loves pears, carrots, prunes. He doesn't care for peas or sweet potatoes
  • He sleeps from 7 pm until 6: 30 am and now is up and ready to go at 6: 30 am...wahoo!
  • Doesn't sleep with a bumper, blanky or lovie (Daddy freaked out and now he flies solo in the crib)
  • Sleeps on his side or tummy
  • Had his first Christmas and was SPOILED rotten!
  • He enjoys tummy time more
  • Trying to crawl but not there yet
  • Hates to sit up but loves to stand up
  • Belly laughs all the time
  • Transfers toys between his hands and is really coordinated
  • Very curious about faces and loves to watch you make funny faces
  • Getting his first tooth! Its peeking through but not visible with the camera yet
  • Mastered all the toys on his play gyms and know how they work
  • Can turn pages on some of his easy big books with tabs
  • Loves to kick the bed at night when he goes to sleep with his feet
  • Loves to pull the dogs hair, Chico lays right next to him and lets him do it, Buck runs for the hills
  • Eyes Mommy and Daddy when we eat food and will open his mouth wanting us to feed him
  • Best of all smiles SO much!

6 months is so much fun! Thanks to a WONDERFUL half year, you were the BEST present we received this Christmas! We love you Jack!