Friday, December 25, 2009


Today on Christmas Jack is 6 months old! We are so in love with this little guy, he is the LIGHT of our LIFE! Parenthood is always a challenge but the best one we have ever been given! What a joy! These photos are so cute and he is just getting so tall! Finally his legs have just a little chunk to them, but we will take it!

What an amazing kiddo he is, check out everything he is doing:
  • Forumla feeds 7-8 oz per feeding
  • Started rice cereal
  • Started solids - so far he loves pears, carrots, prunes. He doesn't care for peas or sweet potatoes
  • He sleeps from 7 pm until 6: 30 am and now is up and ready to go at 6: 30 am...wahoo!
  • Doesn't sleep with a bumper, blanky or lovie (Daddy freaked out and now he flies solo in the crib)
  • Sleeps on his side or tummy
  • Had his first Christmas and was SPOILED rotten!
  • He enjoys tummy time more
  • Trying to crawl but not there yet
  • Hates to sit up but loves to stand up
  • Belly laughs all the time
  • Transfers toys between his hands and is really coordinated
  • Very curious about faces and loves to watch you make funny faces
  • Getting his first tooth! Its peeking through but not visible with the camera yet
  • Mastered all the toys on his play gyms and know how they work
  • Can turn pages on some of his easy big books with tabs
  • Loves to kick the bed at night when he goes to sleep with his feet
  • Loves to pull the dogs hair, Chico lays right next to him and lets him do it, Buck runs for the hills
  • Eyes Mommy and Daddy when we eat food and will open his mouth wanting us to feed him
  • Best of all smiles SO much!

6 months is so much fun! Thanks to a WONDERFUL half year, you were the BEST present we received this Christmas! We love you Jack!

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