Friday, December 25, 2009


We love the holidays because our family gets together to always have the best time! Eating the yummy food, playing games, drinking champagne, and laughing until our bellies hurt! The best part of it all was sharing this with Jack! Here are a few pics from the big day! The only thing missing was Grandpa King!

Here is a little recap from the day:

Well as expected we had one heck of a Christmas! Santa came, ate the cookies and delivered the goods! You can't be a King or a Strehlow if you don't like to give. We have tried to put limits on gift giving but it failed this year. So we just embrace it and hope that we win the lottery to add an addition room to house all of these wonderful goodies!
Jack opened about 2 or 3 of his gifts and then he was ready for a nap, but he had fun and loved the paper and bows..ha ha
Ha ha the presents were often bigger than him!!
Dad he LOVES his laptop! He played with it all day!!! He figured out how to press the buttons within seconds! SO SMART!!All presents aside, it was such a great time to get together with our family and enjoy the time with Jack.

Family photo of the day, Jack was done!
He loved the beads on Grandma Strehlows shirt! So cute!Kev and Stacy
Mom and Nanie spoiled us all!! WOW! Thanks Uncle G for babysitting so that we could relax!
While Grandpa Strehlow took a nap on the couch we filled up our glasses and played a few games... our favorite!
Joe and Stacy laughing at one of the many protests during the game I'm sure! ha ha haJack took a nap next to the fireplace in Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joes room, how nice!
When he woke up he had a little fun play with Choxie, adorable!!We then loaded up the car, said goodbye/thank you/ I love you and headed back to our house...thank gosh we had enough room for Jack...ha ha

Merry Christmas Ya'll

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