Thursday, April 30, 2009

I finally put pictures of the AUSTIN and HOUSTON showers! enjoy :)

Shower Numero Dos! Austin, Texas

I had a wonderful time in Austin this past weekend. My besties Trish and Jess hosted a lovely garden party at the home of Nancy Winters, to which I never got a picture with! Shame Shame!
It was a beautiful day out and her patio was so delightful! We had about 20 or so guests which was perfect to catch up and have a great afternoon! Nancy, Jess and Trish decorated so cute! I love the crib they used to put all the gifts in, and my cake! Just presh! Here are some pics... My belly and chunky monkey face keep on growing! but as I have always said its all worth it for my little stinker!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Kevin and I had planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas back in November but didn't go because it was too early in the pregnancy and I got scared to travel. We had a pretty large credit that we would have lost.... so we decided on a Babymoon before Jack arrives. Though Kev and I always have fun when we are together we thought it would be fun to take a trip with some friends. One day while Natalie and I were walking the track around Rice/Med Center she mentioned that her parents have a timeshare in Key West and they were thinking about going. So the plans started and after some convincing of myself that I was going to have to get on a plane we were set to go. Kev and I arrived on Friday and stayed at the Sheraton on Smathers Beach. The next morning we got the treat to meet up with my Dad. He drove 6 hours to come see us! We rented a golf cart and putzed around the keys and then settled in for a nice dinner. The next day we had brunch with Dad before he left. Then met up later that afternoon with Natalie and Trevor at The Gallion Resort. The timeshare was great and had a wonderful view and awesome patio! We headed down to get some sun and Trevor sure got his fair share on the first day! We almost had a little private beach area until kids decided that they wanted to build a moat right in front of the beach chairs we were all sitting in. But hey at least Trevor and Natalie were safe from the Iguana that was there just seconds before! (No joke!) We then got to over hear kids devising a plan on how to catch fish with a beach pail....which went like this "Hey Mister can you get that fish for me" as she tossed the bucket to some man whom she had never met. He laughed of course and said "oh ok Ill get right on that" hahahaha.

We then decided to check out the concierge who had chased us all down as we checked in. "Eager Beaver Lauren" as we called her got us on a snorkel/sunset sail that evening. We had a great time and the water was perfecto!! The boys on Tuesday chartered a boat called the Eva Maria for the two of them, which came with the Captain and a first mate. So the four of them headed out for some deep sea fishin'. Trevor got a 7 foot Sailfish! Kevi got a small Bonita and had on his line a Mahi Mahi (Dolphin) but it snapped. Boooo. They however had fun, and I went a little crazy and made the boys get back on the boat for some photo to come soon of that adventure as they used Natalie's SLR during the trip. The flight to and from was good, Jackson's kicks over the trip intensified! He let us know he didn't really like the landing or taking off too much but he was a good little boy in my tummy most days! It was so good to see my Dad and share the trip with Nat and Trevor! Fun times all around! Here are some pics .....more to come!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Preppy Gator

So it's no secret that I am in love with stationary! Its one of those things you love to hate, because all the cute stuff is always the expensive stuff.....and leave it to me to find it! But it's so worth it, even if it only stays in my friends hands for a brief minute before it gets tossed... I love the joy of opening a beautiful thank you. I'm still old fashioned and send as many thank you notes as I can. So now it's Jackson's turn, and while beautiful will describe my little handsome man, I'm certain that damask monogram thank yous wouldn't be his cup of tea. Plus remember I've already gotten away with the "gay-gays" so I better not push the envelope :) So while going through my junk email I came across the cutest children stationary. If you have seen the Broadway musical Drowsy Chaperone... I did the Adolpho "aaaaaaaWhaaaaaaaaaat" when I saw that there is kids stationary!? Well duh of course there would be, and of course I would find it! AND of course the title would be "preppy alligator" and "preppy whale". So I won't share my final indulgence of choice, since many of you will be getting a thank you sooner or later. What I will share is what one preppy alligator/ whale looks like....and yes I still had to use monogram :)
With Love,
The Mom of one little spoiled Gator!

Houston Shower ....UPDATED WITH PICS!

Here are some pics from our Houston shower hosted by 8 of our amazing friends!!!

Also ejoy the wonderful design of my talented friend Natalie Eason. She made the cutest letter pressed invitation for my shower in Houston. Sorry my scan is skewed a little.... but you get the idea. I adore anything letter pressed! She has her own press so check her out for your next invitation!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Its Shower Time!

So our Houston baby shower is Saturday April 4, 2009 and I couldn't be more excited. To my surprise we had eight lovely girls volunteer to host! Which is probably the number of girls I know in Houston, so it's going to be one fun get together! They made it co-ed so the boys get to join in the fun. I started thinking ... what could I get these ladies for a Thank you!? I went through all the typical monogram stuff, but I'm sure everyone already has the monogram tote, etc. So while shopping one day, I happen to see an end cap of the most adorable Easter stuff and then it came to me! What if I did Easter baskets and adorned them with shabby delights!? I got giddy at the thought and became so involved in picking everything out I forgot to check when Easter was until I was in the check out line with my basket piled full of 8 of everything! Oh my! I quickly called my mom, certainly she would know when Easter was and she always answers her phone....but nope not today, no answer. I started going down the list in my phone thinking of who to call, I needed someone to know the date right now I was only 2 people away from checking out! I scrolled down and came to Ruth-Ann! Badda Bing Badda Boom! Ruth-Ann!! She answered and gave me the date I wanted to hear (by the way Easter Sunday is April 12th for those like me that need the reminder)!
So I think my vision of these little shabby chic Easter Thank yous turned out quite cute! I can't wait to share them tomorrow!
PS- I need to post a picture of the invite but its packed up with all our stuff in storage! Natalie did such a cute job! As always :)